The Energy Centers We Call Our Eyes

I got the name for this site in a dream, literally.  I believe many of our dreams are given to us by spirit in the process of teaching or guiding us.   I took spirit up on this suggestion and leased this site name.   What do I know about these energy centers we call eyes?  About a year and a half ago, I gave a reading to someone that told her that her 4th eye was opening.  Neither one of us knew what that was at the time.   We didn’t even know there was more than the third eye.  She did find a bit about it on the Internet.   Then a couple months later, I got that her fifth eye was opening.   Again, dahhhh?   We had nothing and spirit wasn’t giving me any more than that.   It was simply a quick message I got for her while passing along a healing prayer.   She looked up the 5th eye on the Internet and came up with 0, nada, nothing…  That is surprising because I’m sure the ancients knew about these.  Now in 2017, you can finally find several good sites for the 4th and 5th eyes at least.   We’re starting to catch up!

In the meantime, spirit has been leading me to give messages on the 4-13th eyes to my clients and I get that there are many more.   A friend reminded me that a good 20 years ago, Deepak Chopra was talking about the many eyes or energy centers we have.   At least 20% of the messages I give to persons receiving readings through me are about their 4th, 5th and even higher eyes opening, all in the last few months.  Growth is afoot!   I’ll start covering what the various energy centers that we call eyes mean.   See if you can tell which of your eyes are expanding.   They don’t have to open in any linear order either.  They can open at the pace that you want them to open at.  Have fun. I know I do!

Love and Light,


2 thoughts on “The Energy Centers We Call Our Eyes

  1. Yes, this is exactly where I plan to start. I’ll be talking about opening the 3rd eye upwards. I have a link on my recommended sites page that can help you further open your 4th eye. One person has said that my links aren’t opening in Firefox or Bing. They supposedly work in Google. Please let me know if it opens. In wordpress, I don’t seem to have options on how to get it working if it’s not. I might have to change themes in the near future to improve this function.


  2. Hi. This is fascinating. Can you describe the 4th, 5th, etc “eyes” or refer a link that does explain more details about them?


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