First blog post

Welcome!   If you’ve found this site, you are likely on a spiritual quest.   Perhaps you’re interested in growing your own abilities to communicate with spirit.   Perhaps you consider yourself very spiritual but not necessarily religious.  In fact, most of the time persons drawn to this site will have non-traditional thinking, be open-minded and be quite interested in the magical mystery of the Divine.

I don’t get hung up on what name you give this mystery.   Some of the many you might have heard are: Source, God, the Universe, the Creator of All That Is, Mother/Father God.  I don’t proclaim to put any one label on Source that limits this mystery.    Whatever name you are comfortable with is just what you should use.

I come from a traditional background.  I grew up experiencing various religions based upon proximity to where we lived.   I’ve been lucky to view this mystery through the eyes of the Protestant, Lutheran, Methodist and Spiritualist perspectives.   The one that I blossomed under was the latter.

When in college and doubting that God even existed, I can remember asking,  “Oh how I’d love to have proof that there is a God”.    Little did I know that my answers would come about 30 years later.   Ha!  I had never seen what I called a miracle.   I glossed over the “Miracles” that Jesus performed in the bible (the Christian background from where I came). I thought there had to be a logical explanation.  To me, miracles are occurrences that can’t be explained by science.  Now I literally see miracles so often that I almost take them for granted.

When I started going to a Spiritualist church and learned that they believe everyone has an inborn ability to connect with spirit, I scoffed.   I certainly knew I couldn’t!  I had to eat my words within 9 months.    Within a year I volunteered as a medium for our Saturday forums.   It has been pure growth, joy in service, responsibility and just plain rewarding.

Now I spend my days exploring the metaphysical.  I’m in nearly constant contact spiritually.  I find it fascinating.   So, would you like to join me on my adventures?

Love and Light,


2 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. Beautiful site, my friend. Yes, exciting times are upon us! Looking forward to growing with you, and sharing Wisdom on our Journey! J.


    1. Thanks J! Congrats for being the first person to comment on this site. You’ve been an inspiration too. We’re all growing it seems, now more than ever.


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