A Great Practice

Whether your 8th eye is open yet or not, a practice that is truly useful in our world, is to see the world the way you want it to be.   The secret is to envision what you want to see as if it already is.   What would you like to see?   Would it be kindness and co-operation between all peoples?   Would it include treating all we meet with respect no matter their circumstances in life?  What about peace, patience, gentleness, forgiveness, and understanding?   You get the picture.

If you meditate, you know how to get to a peaceful place in which you clear your mind and be open to receive.   Envisioning is similar but it’s intent is to find that peaceful place and visualize what it is you want to help create.   You can start with something simple.   A statement or mantra that is repetitive is good.   Make it something you want to see in our world in the future as if it already is so.   Let’s start with something easy.   Sit in a relaxed way.  Breathe deeply in and out till you feel calmed.   Think to yourself,  “It’s a kind, kind world!”  Repeat as many times as you want in this safe space.

After you get in the practice of doing this, you might want to notice what is happening around you.   Are you seeing acts of kindness?  Take note and appreciate them.   You will see more and more.   I like to picture it as a bubble effect.   You are having an effect on the universe you see.   Another soul doing this in their experience will be creating a bubble effect around them.    All these these energy  bubbles of kindness will grow and envelope each other.  This is a simplified version of what quantum physics finds.   Our thoughts determine  literally where electrons move and how energy creates matter.

As you feel confident in this practice, expand your view to see the peoples of the world as patient, kind, forgiving, respectful, co-operative loving souls.   You choose the vision and the words to literally help create a better world.

As you get good at this, your 8th eye will be invited to open.   We can and do co-create whether it’s open or not.   Observe your thoughts.   Are they negative or worried.  Are they what you want to see?  Our thoughts help create our universe.  Work on improving your thoughts to be about what you want to see in the world.

Your Thoughts and Comments

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