Are you prone to premonitions?    Have you been noticing messages from spirit in your dreams that suggest you prepare for something or avoid something?  Do they simply help build your faith when they come true?  Premonitions or deja vu can be about any of these.   A fourth choice though, is something you should strongly consider, particularly if it’s about a national or global event that feels negative.  Consider these an invitation to use your co-creation skills to envision what positive things you would like to see happen instead.  This might be in the form of visualization or prayer.   As you know, both are very effective.   In fact, scientifically there are well over 165 studies that have been done proving this, particularly when it comes to prayer.

We truly are light that can help improve “future” events.  A gifted friend of mine puts it this way.  We have the power “to change the history of the future.”   There are many light beings on earth doing just that.    Join the group through your thoughts and know that you are creating the good.

Love and Light,


2 thoughts on “Premonitions

  1. Thanks so much. Yes, I too am a student and don’t expect to be the authority here or the only voice. As you probably know, just like those of us in physical bodies, our spiritual guides and teachers also have their own perspectives. They don’t always believe the same things either and are learning as well!


  2. Yes, all my life, I’ve had a lot of premonitions – precognitive lucid dreams – OBEs – empath skills & sensing people’s energies, etc. I appreciate that you state you’re on this learning journey as well. I’ve been wary of New Age gurus that made daring promises only to disappoint later. Great blog you have here. Enjoyed reading it. Cheers!


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