The 8th Eye

Since you were drawn to this site, you might have come to learn about our 8th Eye.   Picture the number 8.  On its side, it’s the infinity symbol.  It has many meanings.   It is a pathway for all of our eyes to connect together.   It has played a prominent role in your growth even when it’s not yet open.   As an energy center, it receives information via the gift of hearing. When persons have this gift, it is known as one form of clairaudience.  When fully open, one literally has 360-degrees of spherical hearing.  There are other aspects to it also.

Descriptions of it are:  “Seeing the universe breath in all things, expansion, abundance, allowing the good to be, efficiency via symbolic visualization, understanding the complex, as well as seeing the mathematical and astrological beauty of the Universe.  It, like the other eyes, often opens gradually.

As it opens, one of its main responsibilities is to help co-create a world of love and light.   Have you heard of “The Secret” or the “Law of Attraction”?   The basic principle of these is that our thoughts are things.  They are energy that draws life’s experiences to us by how we think.   When we worry, we literally are bringing events and people into our life that we don’t want.   The lead minister at my church says “Worrying is like asking for what you don’t want.”   When we know about this main law in the universe, we have to make a conscious effort to be free of worry.  One method is to replace each negative thought with a positive one.   Each time you do  this the negative thought is erased.   Give yourself plenty of time and patience to weaken a bad habit. (Years or lifetimes are normal when it comes to this particular topic.)   The better you get at this, the more likely  it is that your 8th eye will open.

Now, more than ever, we need many enlightened souls to be using the law of attraction for the good.    The  Universe needs souls that spend time daily visualizing the world they want to see.   What would you want to see?   Does loving kindness, respect for all life, harmony, and or peace come to mind?  As your thoughts and visualizations improve, so will your ability to co-create for the good.  This literally is the work that has to be done to open the 8th eye.

Love and light,



Interested?   Co-create love and light beginning today.

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