The Third Eye

Okay,  I promised I’d talk about the other eyes too.   Let’s start with the 3rd eye.  Yours is already open to some degree if you have the gift of clairvoyance or vision.   Can you close your eyes, look into the middle of your forehead and get visual messages, symbols, or colors?  Can you see spirit with your eyes open?  These are both examples of clairvoyance.   Maybe you answered yes to the first question, but you have no idea what the symbols or colors mean.  In all of these circumstances, you are receiving information from spirit.   If you want to develop or open your third eye, here is one basic way to proceed.  It’s the most common way that spirit directs me to teach others in how to get message via their third eye.

Sit in a quiet room and close your eyes.  Breath deeply and relax.  In your thoughts, ask for the main guide that is here to teach you how to open your third eye. A simple intention to hold in your  thoughts when you do this is “We allow the good to be.”  Look up into the center of your forehead.   Notice and describe what you are seeing. Is it all one shade of gray? Is it a color?   Are there variations in the shades of gray or color?   Are there any lines, patterns or shapes that stand out?    Once you’ve studied what you are seeing, ask spirit to please show you a symbol, color, motion or pattern for YES.   Again, be the observer.  What differences do you notice? If the change isn’t significant, you can ask spirit to give you a clearer sign.    When you figure out what change means YES, describe it so that spirit knows you understand YES.   Say thank you.   (We all appreciate kindness.)  Now ask spirit to please show you a symbol, color, motion or pattern for NO.   Repeat the steps above to understand when they are saying NO.   Getting a Yes and a No from spirit is the most useful and basic way to begin to communicate spiritually with your guides and teachers.

For me, I have a spinning dial in my mind’s eye that spins in one direction for YES and the opposite direction for NO.  Some people see one color for yes and another color for no.   (This example is often green for YES and red for NO.)  Other’s see a pattern or symbol shift between the two answers.    Once you’ve figured out the way they respond as YES and NO, when you talk with various guides and teachers, they will most likely respond in a like manner to answer your Yes/No questions.    Think of all the things you can start asking.   I love metaphysical questions, so I started immediately asking questions about how the universe works that could be answered with a YES or a NO.   You might  like to ask Yes/No questions that help you learn about the guide you are working with.

There is much more to it than this, but this is a good beginning.    I will continue with more information about your 3rd eye opening in future blogs.

Love and Light,


2 thoughts on “The Third Eye

    1. I’m glad. I hope it’s the beginning of a whole new world for you. Stay posted as I will also cover ways to understand the answers you receive spiritually as well as ground rules. 🙂


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