What to Do When You Get Spiritual Information

So, are you having fun now that you can ask questions of Spirit? It’s wonderful, but if you’ve been practicing, you will want to understand the following guidelines. These are all suggestions that Spirit has given me over the last decade.

  1. Start the conversation with a positive intention. Ex. “May only good come to me and through me.”
  2. All spirit have their own perspectives just like we do. If you ask to talk to a relative, take their advice the same way you would of when they were living on earth. Their perspective could be broadened spiritually but still very similar in all ways. Ex. If you were hunting for a career, and they had liked being a doctor, they could easily recommend that you become a doctor. If that doesn’t sit well with you, thank them and pursue your interests instead.
  3. Ask for your Spirit Guide when or if you want advice that is in alignment with your life’s plan. That is their job.
  4. Ask for your Angels when or if the decision is really important and you want to know how it will affect yourself and others involved. Angels see the “big picture” and will give you advice based upon everyone’s plan.
  5. Expect to start being able to sense when Spirit has a sense of humor. This will come as you find you can get more than YES or NO answers. Keep in mind that they might be “pulling your leg a bit” to lighten things up and be funny.
  6. Remember to ask for whom you want to talk too, even if you can only describe whom you need. Ex. I need to talk to “an expert who knows how I can fix my thermostat? (This is a true example by the way. It worked for me through a lot of questioning, but it worked!)
  7. Use courteous words and sincere sentiments like please and thank you! Gratitude is always appreciated.
  8. In the end, we are always responsible for making our own decisions… This is important. Never take spiritual advice from your guides, angels and teachers without it also feeling right to you.


Love and Light,


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