Do you have a spiritual routine sometime during the day?   Maybe it’s first thing in the morning.    I know many people who set time aside to meditate at regular intervals.   I admire them for their discipline.   Personally, I’ve always worked best in a flexible state.  I see good in both patterns.   I take time daily whenever I think of it or am led spiritually to send out gratitude and intentions for the good.   One of the prayers that I say often is:  “Please send preemptive work, healing, love and light to the four corners of the earth wherever you deem best.   Bless the workers you send and their work.  Thank you.  I am so grateful.”  You can say this in whatever way aligns with your understandings.  A better intention for you to use might be: “I am grateful that preemptive work, healing, love and light are being sent into the Universe wherever it’s needed most.”  These and the following are examples of co-creation.   The 8th eye is all about co-creation.

  • I ask that everyone I pass today be touched by loving kindness.
  • I am grateful that spheres of love and light envelope all the leaders in the universe.  (There can be no darkness where there is light.)
  • I ask that healing be sent to all involved or affected by (name the event).

I believe that whenever we are in a state of peace (mediation), are grateful or are sending out kind intentions, we do grow the good.   Thank you for being the light worker that you are.

Light and love,


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