The Empathic Gift

I had the pleasure last night of speaking at Phoenix Books about the Empathic Gift. Thank you for attending!   I believe it was mutually helpful and I sure enjoyed it.

Are you an Empath?   Do you ever find yourself sensing or feeling other people’s energy? Have you ever checked to see if the physical or emotional pain you are feeling belongs to you? Most people whom are Empaths don’t yet realize they have this gift.  You might discover that you are an Empath when you take the time to ask if any pain you feel belongs to you. Can you spiritually ask if that pain belongs to you?   Using methods described in my blog post on the Third Eye or other means, find out if it belongs to you.  If it isn’t yours, you are empathic.  There are three ways to handle this experience:

1)  You can ask for this other person or soul’s pain to be lifted from you completely.   A good example of this method is provided in this short clip by Carolyn Molnar, a well known Medium friend of mine from Canada.   View: What is an Empath?

2) You can learn how to protect yourself.   This is often done in the morning upon waking.   Find words that ring true to you, ex:  “Please surround me in a bubble that protects me from picking up on other people’s energies.”

3)  The third possibility comes with an understanding that if we have this ability, it is literally a gift we can use to help others.   In this case, if we feel the pain of someone in the physical or in spirit, we are being given the opportunity to ask for healing and upliftment for them.  Picture the spiritual world working like Star Trek.   They can’t help unless they’ve been asked.  Our spiritual guides and teachers can inform us (through things like an empathic sensivitiy) that some souls are in great pain.   They are hoping we will use this sensitivity to ask for healing for them so that they can get to work.   Unless the person feeling the pain or a compassionate person asks for help on their behalf, spirit literally is not allowed to assist.   Personally, I believe that being an Empath is a gift where we can help many through our intentions and/or prayers.  I believe this because within seconds of asking for their healing, their pain is lifted from my awareness.

Pay attention to what you are feeling.   Ask if those feelings belong to you.   When they don’t, you are receiving information through the empathic gift.   What method above are you drawn to?

Love and Light,


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