It’s Pouring

It’s pouring outside and even pretty dark for 5:00 p.m. on a late spring’s eve.   In this case though, it only seems refreshing.    The newly planted garden is getting a much needed boost.  My soul is getting washed by this energy too.   I recently was making a financial decision that by several mathematical accounts would be a wise choice.   However, I kept trying to ignore my heart chakra which was very heavy through most of the process in the last couple weeks.  With all the many techniques I know for spiritual healing of the physical being, I could only relieve this heaviness for short periods of time.   What was that telling me?   I knew what it meant but kept hoping it was simply the jitters which comes from a new learning curve.   I had 2 clues it wasn’t that.   1) It wasn’t my stomach that was in knots.  It was my heart. The heart is the seat of our soul.  2) None of the prayers or healing methods I was employing were working.

I made the decision not to go forward with this particular financial option.   The people involved were kind and understanding.   I was again going with the flow of trusting the abundance in the Universe and my heart chakra relaxed.   I have an author friend named Carmen Ambrosio in her book, “Life Continues”, who calls this listening to our “bod-mail”.   I was ignoring my body’s intelligence throughout this process.   Alas, I gave in.   I accepted what my body was telling me.    I am relaxed and refreshed by the pouring rain!

Light and Love,


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