The 4th Eye

Well, how about if we talk about another of our energy centers called the 4th eye.    A little over a year ago, you could barely find anything on the net about it.  Now out of the readings I give, at least 20 percent of those persons I read for have a 4th eye that is open. Let’s see if yours is.

The 4th eye is located on the back top of our head in what is left from our soft spot as a baby.  It will typically even still feel a little soft and flat.  One of it’s main functions as it opens is to help us get spiritual message from our dreams.   If you’ve never paid attention to your dreams and their meanings, now is as good a time to start as any.   I suggest getting a dream dictionary.   It doesn’t matter which one.   Whichever one you get, those are the symbols that spirit will use to give you message.

If you haven’t paid attention or don’t remember your dreams, start by asking for your 4th eye to open right before you go to sleep.  Have a tablet and pen next to your bed so you can write them down as you wake up.   In the beginning, your dreams might seem negative.   One main reason for this is, it is how spirit guides us emotionally from making a decision along similar lines in something we are wrestling with during the day. When you start remembering your dreams, use the skills you’ve learned in other parts of this blog to ask spirit yes/no questions about your dreams to help you understand them. Pay special attention to when you seem to be traveling along a road, stream, river or airway as this is about your spiritual path.   If you are the driver, pilot or person walking forward, it means you are progressing nicely on your spiritual path.

Also pay attention to any still photo of single shot images as they are important messages too.   I will give you an example.   When I was thinking of a new way to make a side income, I wanted to become a webmaster for others.   In my dreams, I saw a photo of my computer monitor with the web making software I used with a big red NO symbol across the front.   I was so glad I recognized it as a message, but so sad that they weren’t recommending it.   Within the month, I had figured out why.   I loved creating them and was bored by keeping them up for others.

After you start paying attention to your dreams and having spirit help you figure out what they mean  in the daylight, you will likely notice two things.  1) They will become much more positive as you will have become someone who learns quickly and easily. 2) You will probably become a lucid dreamer who can ask the meaning of dreams while you are dreaming them.   Cool, huh?

If you want your 4th eye to open quickly and or learn more about it’s other aspects, this is an unusual video that will help.  The Fourth Eye



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