Going with the Flow

This is usually a difficult skill for anyone to learn.  As we become more spiritually connected though, the signs for going with the flow seem more obvious.   For example, maybe you need to reach someone.   You’ve tried calling 3 or 4 times with no luck..  That suggests it’s a sign not to continue to try and get a hold of them at this moment in time. Another common example is when all of the sudden, your computer becomes flaky right when you are trying to communicate.   Instead of getting frustrated, check in with your guides to see if it’s a message to go with the flow.

Allow yourself to be guided by what is going on around you.   When you do this and let go of your planned expectations, life gets simpler.  Serendipity happens.   You’ll begin to see the wisdom of divine guidance.   Your faith will grow.  Whenever things come up that seem to be blocking a particular intention, just say to yourself…. ahhhh, things are working for my good.  Then allow the good to be.

Peace, Love and Light,




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