We Are Supported

What is your philosophy on how spirit works to help us?   It might be different than mine and it could prove to be an interesting exchange.    I have absolutely come to believe we are all supported in our soul’s evolution.   I believe we come with plans of the major lessons we want to learn, the major events and the major persons whom will help teach us these lessons.   I see spirit as God’s helpers.    When we pray or ask for help, I believe that we are always receiving assistance directly from the Divine and from spiritual guides that he/she sends for us.   My personal understanding is that the answer will always be YES, we can help with that, unless it get’s in the way of our “planned lessons”.   If you are feeling the Universe say NO instead, simply ask to learn your lesson quickly and easily.  At least that’s one way to do it.

How do you come to this understanding? It can be a gentle process where we face life’s challenges and feel supported during the process.   Let me give you an example.   I had been working as a substitute teacher after I retired and was getting very tired of it.   I can remember thinking, “I wish there was a way to stop subbing.”   There was.   I was given a persistent suggestion in dreams to move and rid myself of a mortgage.   It took me a while to embrace this concept but it absolutely helped me achieve my financial goals while achieving the freedom from working that I so wanted.   Another example might be feeling a sense of peace in the middle of crisis.   What about learning to let go and let God?  When you finally surrender to this in a particularly difficult situation and it resolves itself, does your faith and trust grow?    Personally, I think getting readings from spiritual advisers is another good way to grow faith that we are cared for and understood at a very deep level.  Not only that but we can see guidance for growing our soul through such exchanges.

What life circumstances have helped grow your faith whether through the positive or negative?   If you agree that we are here to help grow our souls, then it’s a bit easier to give up the fear of the unknown.   One way to see it is WE ARE ALWAYS SUPPORTED. Nothing needs to be judged as positive or negative when it’s here is to help our souls evolve.  I hope you find that comforting.   Let go and let God.

Love and Light,


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