It’s In Your Plan

Spiritualists believe we all come with Divine plans.   We almost always have input into them.   Our plan’s purpose is to map out the major things we want to learn in this lifetime as well as the major persons and events that will help teach us what we want to learn.  We fill in all the rest of the detail of our lives with our thoughts and choices.   We do have the gift and responsibility of free will.  We can take as much or as little time as we want to learn these lessons.   Some of us come with more aggressive plans.  This might explain why some people seem to have much more difficult lives than others.   They’ve chosen challenging lessons and want to learn more quickly as an example.  I tend to believe that they are very confident souls.   What if we can ask for anything in this lifetime unless it gets in the way of our plan?  If it gets in the way of our plan, it wouldn’t be for our highest good.   This makes sense to me.   When I talk with my guides and teachers, they agree.

This philosophy also explains why sometimes we feel like we are boundless as well as sometimes like it’s not meant to be.    If something keeps us from learning what we are here to learn, then the Universe blocks us.  The good news is that whenever we ask for something in prayer or thought, the answer will always be YES unless it gets in the way of our own plan.    Have faith.  We are always supported spiritually, whether it’s with our lessons or our desires.  In other words, we can always expand whether the answer from the universe is YES or NO  depending upon our plan.  Both things work for the good.

Notice the patterns in your life to begin figuring out what you are personally trying to learn.  Have faith that good is always here for you.   Does this make sense?  What do you think?

Love and light,


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