Co-Creation Meditation

Spiritually, one of the messages I’ve received often in the last year is that we need to use our thoughts to co-create a much better world. I’ve been getting that this is very important right now. If you know about the Law of Attraction for yourself, you know that one has to visualize and feel what is wanted AS IF it has already occurred. Gratitude is the feeling of choice when manifesting improvements in one’s life. The same holds true with manifesting for a kinder world. Here is a meditation I used recently at our church’s All Message Service. I hope, as a light being, you too will take the time to manifest a better world.

Let’s start with 3 deep breaths.

As we bring in the white light of God through our crown chakra and feel it filter down through our entire being, we notice that we are sitting on top of a beautiful mountain with a pure blue sky filled with light. There are soft wispy clouds in the distance. There are all the shades of green and roses of abundant life below us. We are sooooo grateful for all the wonderful improvements we are seeing in this world. We are so grateful for a growing understanding in the hearts of man that we are all one. What we do for others we do for our selves. What we do for ourselves, we do for others. We are so grateful for abundant kindness blossoming in the hearts of all humankind. We are so grateful for our safety, guidance and protection. We are so grateful for guided wisdom coming to all of the World’s leaders. We are so grateful we, as a collective, take care of Mother Earth. We are so grateful we are connected with the divine. We are so grateful that with every breath we take, we breath in God’s love and transmit it’s healing with every release. We are so grateful for the peace we can share as we sit on top this mountain on this beautiful day on Mother Earth. We are so grateful that we take time now to release our own thoughts and connect with the divine.

(Gently be guided back into awareness of the physical state around us. Take deep breaths and when you are ready, open your eyes.)

Dear God, We find hope and gratitude in this co-creation of the world.

(Please feel free to share this meditation if you are so inclined.)

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