First of all, I’d like to thank all of you who attended last night’s numerology class at Phoenix Books.   I hope you benefited and enjoyed it as much as I did!   You were a fun group.

Today, I’d like to share another wonderful experience I had yesterday that filled me with hope.   I went to vote.  Ha!  Hope and voting?   They can be related!  I often vote early.  Yesterday was no exception.   I went to the Franklin Co. Voting Center on Morse Rd. and unlike the normal drizzle of people voting, it was packed!   The parking lots were overflowing.   There were 100 plus people in line and growing.  It was so wonderful to see all those people making the choice to be involved and to have voice.  It was by far the largest crowd I’ve seen on any early election day.  I came out of there thinking and feeling one thing: YES, YES!  Let the day of apathy end and the day of involvement begin!

I ended up saying a prayer of gratitude.  In doing so, I was envisioning what I wanted to see evolving in the world.  I’ll share that with you if I may.  It went something like this:

Thank you for the shift in consciousness that is enabling souls to take responsibility as citizens, for working to affect change for the good and for honoring their ancestor’s hard work.  I am so grateful that we, as light beings, are waking up and creating a kinder, gentler world where each individual is respected.  I’m grateful our hearts are filled with empathy and we exhibit that in our daily lives.  I am grateful that we can help each other rise to our highest potential.  I am grateful that we can model for others what we wish to be ourselves.  I am grateful that our frequency levels are improving through the hard work of Mother Earth.  I am grateful for hope.   I am grateful.

Love and light,


One thought on “Hope

  1. Thank you for the class! It was fun!!! Thank you for this message of hope! I felt it on Tuesday when I voted at Morse Road early voting also. Melanie

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