Last week was Thanksgiving. Many of us are now into the holiday season. I visualize it as a season of thanks giving, a season of gratitude. We are giving, receiving and sharing. As we beautify and appreciate, why not include taking the time to notice the simple things in life that give us sustenance too?
I’d like to focus in on just one example today. Let’s talk water! If we are fortunate enough to simply turn on a tap and get safe water to drink, aren’t we lucky? This simple sustaining necessity is available to us so easily. However, water as you know has a much deeper meaning than just that of sustaining our physical being.
As a symbol it represents spirit. I can even see it as representing the “Holy Spirit.” It’s in everything around us. It represents life. It also has amazing properties greatly highlighted by the work of Dr. Emoto in his first book, “Messages in Water”. Did you know that if you tell water you love it or write that phrase on a container it’s in, it will literally improve the frequency of the water. Dr. Emoto discovered that when you freeze normal tap water and check it under a microscope, it will have no particular shape or form. However, when you add a positive word to its container or to your thoughts, it will form beautiful crystals when frozen and viewed under a microscope? This is water’s natural state.  Unpolluted water in any stream or river will form crystals when frozen.  I highly recommend Dr. Emoto’s book, “Messages in Water”.   He shares amazing detail about the properties of water we never knew existed.
Let me share a practical application it has. Our bodies are made of about 70% water. Some of us have difficulty maintaining this balance. Physically, I have had trouble in the past staying hydrated no matter how much water I drank. Getting the flu once put me in the hospital for dehydration within a few hours of time.  Another fact I’ve known about myself in the past, is that I can’t absorb minerals easily. When I took calcium or magnesium supplements in full dosage, I got severe leg cramps at night. Since I use muscle testing to determine how much of any supplement I take, that also told me that I could only take about half of the daily recommended dosage.  This did keep me from getting leg cramps. However, I had also developed osteoporosis.
Now, here is the fun part. At a recent Light Expo here in town, I purchased a glass water bottle that has the flower of life symbol on it.  That symbol also improves the frequency of water so that it creates crystals under a microscope.  This water is called structured water as it’s in the state that water is found in in nature. I had been drinking water this way for several days when all of the sudden I was muscle testing that I could take a full dose of my calcium/magnesium supplement. I have come to very much trust muscle testing, so I tried it. Guess what? I have no leg cramps. None. It’s wonderful. I can absorb full doses of needed minerals now. I suspect my bones will be better off for it, but that is something I’ll share later down the road when I have tests to prove it.
So how do you enjoy the wonderful properties of water? Here are some ways to get your water to become structured too. 1) Remember to ask for blessings for water each time you drink it anywhere. 2) Tape the word love or thank you on the drinking glass you are using. 3) Some persons place these words on the pipes in their homes to improve their water’s frequency. Blessings are always wonderful things. Try it. See what results you get. What differences do you notice? I’d love to hear back from you. Whatever you call Divine Source has provided for us in so many ways. Water is just one of them.
I invite you to start exploring the amazing mysteries of water. I highly recommend Dr. Emoto’s works. Here is a YouTube video giving examples of what natural structured water looks like:  Dr. Emoto’s Messages in Water.
Dr. Gregg Braden on YouTube is another wonderful way to expand your understanding of water’s many properties. Here is one of his videos on water:  Dr. Gregg Braden.
I also invite you to simply be appreciation. All life is uplifted by gratitude. Enjoy the season and the traditions that encourage an outlook of giving thanks. Today, I thank the water!
Expand, enjoy and benefit.
Love and light,

4 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. Linda, I am blessed beyond belief what you have taught me, today. Not only being thankful for water, the article goes deeper for me.
    Thank you so much,


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