Ring in the New Year with Numerology

Each year, we have a shift in energy.  Some of you will be able to feel that.   This shift can be quantified via a tool called Numerology.  Numerology was spiritually given to the mathematician, Pythagoras, about 2500 years ago.  Each culture received this information in various ways from their ancient wise men also.  It is based upon the principal that everything is energy.  Everything has frequency, even numbers and letters.   Everything’s frequency can also be interpreted via numbers.  In numerology, there are two different year numbers that affect each of us.  There is a Universal Year that affects all of us and a Personal Year for each of us.

Our universal year is determined by adding each of the digits of 2019.  Two plus zero plus one plus nine equals 12.   In numerology, on the whole, each digit is again added together until it equals a single digit.  So, one plus two is added which equals 3.   Our universal year energy for 2019 is therefore, a 3.   The positive aspects of a three support:  Self-Expression, joy, creativity, enthusiasm, imagination, inspiration, the gift of words, fun, and optimism! *  Couldn’t we all use a dose of any of these?    It’s important to understand that every number has a positive and negative energy to it.   This is often overlooked in published books on this topic.   The counterpart to all these positives includes negativity, being stuck, boredom or depression also.  The good news is that each of us has a choice!   We can choose either the negative or positive side of this Universal number.    I know what I want to choose with intention, that is for sure.

Our personal year number is formulated by adding the digits of your birth month, birthday and current year (2019).  Here’s an example:   If my birthdate was 2/17/1985, I would be adding 2+1+7+2+0+1+9.  Note that the last four figures are for our current year of 2019 and not the original birth year of 1985.    In this addition problem, the midpoint answer is 19.   Now add those figures together and one plus nine equals 10.  Since that total is still a 2-digit figure, add those figures together to get: 1+0=1.    The personal year in this example would be a one.  Now you try.   Add your birth month, birthday and 2019.   Once you have that single digit figure, look at the table below.  It will give you an idea of this year’s energy for you.  You can choose the positives or the negatives of each of these characteristics in your thoughts and emotions.  The personal year number is always of significance in one’s life:

Number 1:   Individuality, independence, innovation and/or leadership.

Number 2: Co-operation, sensitivity, harmony, balance, and/or patience.

Number 3:  Self-Expression, happiness, creativity, and/or optimism.

Number 4: Hard working, organized, practical, and/or traditional.

Number 5:  Free, unconventional, resourceful, and/or quick thinking.

Number 6:  Nurturing, responsible, a bringer of beauty, family and/or service-orientated.

Number 7: Solitary, mystical, philosophical and or analytical.

Number 8:  Successful, abundant, a visionary, and/or an authority.

Number 9:  Well rounded, compassionate, forgiving, multi-talented and or completion.

If you are not familiar with Numerology, it provides a framework for learning much more than just our year’s energy.   This year’s energy helps us know how to go with the flow.   Many other numbers can be determined that will teach us about ourselves, the patterns in our lives and about our birth plan.   I and one of my good friends discovered numerology at the same time.   I felt it extremely accurate at describing my life in the past.   She was so impressed by it also, that she kept saying:   Linda, this is me!!   No, Linda, THIS is ME!!!! over and over.    She couldn’t emphasize enough how accurately it described her and gave her new insights.

The striking of the clock ringing in a new year really does make a difference and brings in a new shift to all of us.    I hope you can take advantage of the universal year be creative and optimistic.   I also hope you enjoy the energy of your personal year.

Happy New Year!   These words incorporate a shift you might have been feeling already.


Love and light,




*Descriptions of the meaning of each of the numbers 1-9 was based upon a summary of their characteristics in the book “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Numerology”.    As a past librarian, I selected this because I know this series to be well researched.   It is humorous though, don’t you think, that I should use that title?   See, I’m using the universal #3 energy already!   Ha. 🙂  Feel free to add your own knowledge or ask questions in the comment section below.



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