I’d like to apologize for my lengthy divergence from adding to this website.   I was involved in finishing my last fixer upper and selling it throughout the winter and early spring.   I’m now in my new home.   Though it too needs works, it’s lovely to be in settled in.   Isn’t it wonderful to have spring again too?   I’m really at peace nesting all over again in the beginning of such a welcomed season.   I can finally get back to normal living!

 So, I am taking the time to write and share again on the 8th-Eye.   Let’s talk meditation today.   Although I’ve covered this topic before, I wanted to give an example of another type of meditation.  Did you know that there are hundreds of forms of it?  I would imagine that it’s as broad as people’s minds are creative.  Its basic purpose is to get us out of our normal thinking patterns.   It can be something as simple as sitting quietly and focusing on the breath or a deep smile.   It can be about learning to relax and let the normal thoughts drift away as they float in.  There are even forms that work well that involve walking and or physical activity like twirling.

 Many persons find that when they get into the practice of meditation, they also receive divinely given message.   To me, this is one of its wonderful values.   You’ve probably each experienced group led meditation.  This is where a leader has participants follow his/her direction and descriptions of what to focus on via a storytelling method.   It usually includes a time of quiet connection where she/he let the participants’ minds float into space.   Often, they are given the opportunity to describe what they might have seen during that open-ended period of the meditation.  

 It’s quite useful to try different forms of meditation.  Practitioners are likely to find that some forms work better for them than others.   Have you ever participated in a meditation where the leader gives questions instead of a directed storyline?   I’ve personally found this to evoke the most response spiritually.   Here are examples of that.   You might try taking one of two of these questions and reflecting upon them.   Start with sitting in a quiet space and focusing on the breath.   When you feel relaxed, ask yourself one or more of the following questions.   It’s best to have one’s eyes closed and simply remember a question or two to ask yourself.  Here are examples:

 ·        What decision (that I am currently making) would be in alignment with my highest good?

·        What is my current purpose that is in alignment with my highest good?

·        What does that look like?

·        What is my main purpose in this lifetime?

·        What actions would be best for me to take to align with my purpose?

·        What am I trying to learn from my current situation?

·        How can I go with the flow in my current circumstances?

·        What is love?

·        Does love always mean acceptance?

·        Are we all living on the earth to learn what love is?

·        Why is it so difficult to understand love?

·        How can I be “love” presently?

 I will be using questioning techniques like these in a Mediation at tomorrow night’s “All Message Service” at the Christian Spiritualist Temple in Columbus, Ohio on Thursday, May 9, 2019.   It starts promptly at 7:00 pm so arrive early.  I’d love to see you there.   We will be growing and sharing our spiritual gifts via meditation and pendulums for the evening.  Pendulums will be provided for the service if you don’t already have one.  Instruction on how to use them will naturally be part of the service.  The Christian Spiritualist Temple is at 77 S. Sixth Street, Columbus, OH 43215.  The public is welcome. 

 Love and Light,


One thought on “Meditation: Its Value and Variety

  1. During one kind of meditation that I call prayer, I ask questions. These are wonderful questions! Thank you! In meditation by myself, I like resting my mind and reaching a state of “nothingness” which is calming. Group meditation is fun to do when the leader is asking the questions. Walking a labyrinth is another type of meditation. Your right! There are all kinds of meditations! We are growing together in spirit and love!

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