Natural Pathways to Healing Class

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I wanted to let you know about my latest class offering.   In a fun way, it will give valuable little known health guides to make a big difference in each participant’s life.   It is not an infomercial nor do I sell anything.  The public is welcome.   Please email me at to sign up.   


WHEN: Sept. 8th and Oct. 13th:  12:15-2:00 pm

WHERE: 2436 W Dublin-Granville Rd. (in the Parlor of the Masonic Temple)


COST: $20.00 per session

 Purpose:   Become empowered to take care of your health in natural, kind, enlightened methods that truly honor your temple and help you feel good.   This 4-hour workshop will guide you in surprising methods that the human body responds too well without side effects. Approaches will include hands-on experiences with earthing, light therapy, muscle testing, nutrition/supplementation, homeopathy, emotional cleansing and epigenetics.

SEPTEMBER 8th:   12:15-2:00 pm


Sleep Activity


Muscle Testing

Activity with sample foods

Activity with Major Food Groups

Vitamins and Supplements (Heart and Bone Health)


Healing after Surgery Free of Pain Naturally

Activity with Vitamins, Supplements, and Homeopathy

Improved Sleep

Preview of Next Month’s Class


OCTOBER 13th: 12:15-2:15 pm



Far InfraRed Healing

Light Therapy

Earthing, Far InfraRed Healing and Light Therapy Activities

Techniques for Improving Thoughts and Releasing Emotions for Health

Epigenetics (Science Behind the Science of Mind)

The Empathic Gift

Brain Health

Closing Activity

My 103-year-old Mother’s and my 97-year-old Gr. Aunt’s Secrets to a Long Life

You are invited to attend either or both classes.   Be free of pain and discomfort naturally.   Learn how from the instructor, your body and each other.

Love and Light,


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