Mother Earth, Singing Soul

mother earth


The Center for Spiritual Living where I attend has a solstice event encouraging responsible care of Mother Earth. Yesterday was such an event.   It was suggested that we find activities we can do daily this month to support our Earth. It’s a charge I gladly take. Because spiritually-minded persons often share this interest, I’m hoping this article will give readers new ideas to incorporate in caring for our planet. Please do share your ideas also as I’m going to need them to find additional ways of being a responsible “earthling” this month.

Here are some of mine:

  1. Reduce the use of plastic.   Plastic is becoming a huge pollution issue in our oceans and on land.   Did you know that plastic takes hundreds of years to degrade?   Can you imagine how much plastic will be built up in that amount of time if we haven’t found an ecofriendly replacement?   It kills animal life that swallows or eats it.   It’s so prevalent in our water supply that plastic is showing up in our bodies!   It’s a known carcinogen that causes cancer. Here are ways we can reduce plastic.
  2. Buy alternative ecofriendly choices when possible like glass or wood.
  3. Decline the use of plastic bags whenever possible to carry away purchases.
  4. Carry cloth bags into stores where multiple items are needed.
  5. Use one of the stores left over cardboard boxes to carry items home in.
  6. When plastic can’t be avoided, recycle when possible.  Ex. All grocery stores have bins to recycle plastic bags.
  7. Buy corn based plastic storage bags as they can biodegrade in a few months instead of 100’s of years. (Target carries them)
  8. I have friends who wash out their plastic storage bags to reuse them.   That’s dedication.
  9. Learn how to make plastic bag bed rolls for the homeless.
  10. Stop drinking bottled water.   It has been linked to cancer particularly in women.   You can save money and get quality safe water by filtering your water into a reusable bottle.
  11. Avoid using harmful chemicals in your yards like Round-Up.   NEVER use Round-Up in particular.   It’s been banned in Europe for years.   It absolutely causes cancer and is showing up in human and animal life.   Did you know there is a natural way to kill weeds and grass that takes just a bit longer to work?  It’s common household white vinegar.   Vinegar can be purchased less expensively than harmful chemicals in large jugs at most grocery stores. It is at 5% strength whereas you can purchase it at 20% strength at gardening stores. After a rain, a second application from a spray bottle might be needed. This and Epson Salt can also help get rid of the difficult thistle weed.
  12. One can also easily get rid of all weeds (except for the thistle) and grass in large areas by placing cardboard down and covering it with mulch. The next season the grass and weeds will be gone and one will have a garden or a landscape bed ready to use.
  13. Reduce trash in the landfills. Donate those throw-a-ways when at all possible.
  14. Garden organically. Try composting to reduce landfill also.
  15. Can you walk or bike to where you are going instead of driving?   Can you take along a friend when you shop who also needs to make the same trip?   Can you car-pool or use public transit to go to work?
  16. Write your congressman and senators about the reversal of environmental laws that have improved the safety of our water, our land and life as we know it. Did you know that the Endangered Species Act has been revoked?   Fracking a whole other topic that needs addressed. I’m sure you can think of many in this category.
  17. Plant trees.   It’s great for the air and therefore great for all life.
  18. Go vegetarian or reduce your consumption of meat. Reduction in eating beef is particularly important because of the amount of land that cattle need and because of the large amount of greenhouse gases produced. The World Watch Institute estimates that as much as 51% of our greenhouse gases come from the animals who are raised for human consumption.   Eating meat also is a major cause of diseases like cancer according to some researchers.
  19. Pick up litter and avoid littering.
  20. Paying bills online saves 23 lbs of wood and 29 lbs of greenhouse gases per year per person.   Turn the water off when you brush your teeth.   It can save up to 5 gallons of water per day!


If this kind of daily mindfulness makes your soul sing, please participate and share your ideas with others in the comments section at the bottom of this screen.   We can be the change we wish to see.


Love and light,



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