The Spirit of Love


I had the pleasure of attending a family wedding on Valentine’s Day.   To me, it’s appropriate that we have ceremonies and holidays that celebrate love.   Are you like me in believing that one of the main reasons we live in the physical is to learn how to love?   Can you imagine how many lifetimes that takes?   Even when love is so great that we are ready to commit to marriage, it still takes unbelievable patience and co-operation to make it work for a lifetime.   In this case, it’s a second marriage.   To me that’s a bit like choosing to have a 2nd child when one is a female.   You might want the marriage but it’s really difficult to look forward to labor.   Yet, it is so touching and hopeful when couples marry.

Think of the other aspects of love.   Can we love all strangers for their essence, for their God spark?   Can we love others when their frequencies don’t resonate with us and we really don’t like them?   Can we still treat them with consideration?   That’s what I want the world to be able to do… to still treat everyone with consideration.   When I expressed this to a very philosophical, intelligent new friend, he said to me: “Oh, so you are a Utopian?” He quoted Voltaire.   I hadn’t thought of it that way.   No wonder it’s so hard to expect even though many souls have longed for it since the ages began.   I wonder if when we are free of our physical bodies, we each have the ability to do that for the other?   In the meantime, we have to continue to wrestle with that and be that as individuals.   What are the many aspects of love?   We’ve heard them before.   Caring, forgiveness, attention, leaning into yes, gratitude ….

Let’s cultivate, shall we? We can be the world we wish to see.   I saw a phrase of graffiti yesterday that I wish to adopt. “In a world where we can be anything, be kind.”   I loved that.   I intend to add that as my signature on my email.

In the meantime, I accept the hope these family members have given us all. Their bravado brings hope to our hearts and the feeling that all can be right in the world.   We wish the best of life to them that love can bring!

Happy Celebration of Love Day.

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