The Good in Everything

mother earth

When we are faced with unexpected times where the world seems turned upside down, can good be found in it?  Is there a Divine Order?  What are we being given the opportunity to learn?   It might be a time for looking at one’s beliefs and sharing one’s thoughts.    Can we maintain our emotional balance and work to look out for the good of others?   These could be questions we are asking.

I am at a point in my life where even in this kind of shared experience, I do see Divine Order and completely believe it can work for the good.   I believe this even when our physical lives are in jeopardy.   Do I want that? Of course not.   However, because I believe that life continues and that this is just a setting that is allowing us to learn, I can see value in the broader picture and gratitude for life in all it’s forms.

My understanding of our life path also plays into this.   I believe that when our life path is completed, it’s a time to transition from our physical bodies.   For some of us, that could be now.

What if because of our own free will, we make choices that harm others and aren’t part of the Divine Order?   Wouldn’t it make sense that “God” can bring good from everything?  There are quite a few bible verses that say this in various ways:   Romans 8:28 is one of them: “We know that all things work together for good”.   I see that all around us, even in the direst situations.

Have you noticed a great reduction in violence lately?   Or a neighbor buying the groceries for their neighbors to keep them safer?   Or family members taking extra care to clean and make choices that show responsibility? Or people reaching out by phone, email, texts and social media to help those alone to feel cared for? Or nature giving us a beautiful day to refresh us? Or a parent comforting a child?  Or a stranger being kind?  Mr. Rogers said that his mother taught him whenever there is a disaster to notice all the kind people helping.    Just noticing that right now, uplifts.

We Americans are on the go.   It can be quite difficult to give that up.   Yet, many people are learning to cope with their frustrations and do what’s right for the good of all.   We have opportunities to keep our fears in check, to work on interpersonal relationships in each of our households, to be cognizant of each other’s needs, to have patience, to be kind, to chip in where help is needed, to co-operate and form special bonds with our families and friends to name a few.   We have opportunities to be a positive light.    How can we be of service while physically distanced?

You might also find this time of seclusion offers great possibilities to get things done.  It’s the perfect time to learn new skills via the Internet.   Have you tried meditation to work on calmness as an example?    We still can have guided exercise via sources like YouTube.   We can actually take the time to read.   Places like Half-Price books will allow you to call them, purchase books they have in stock and deliver them to your car when you drive up in front of their stores.   It most certainly is a time for being creative.   Kudos to all the people that have artistic and craft venues they can use.  What about taking the time to write that book you’ve always wanted to get to?  I personally love genealogy and find this a wonderful opportunity for that.

Aren’t we lucky in that we do have so many ways to entertain ourselves at home?   We often have access to computers and T.V.s.   We can play games with the world community.  We can hunt for ways to be of service.    Most of us have monetary fears to cope with right now.   How can we help each other with that?  At a minimum, we might be leaving a package of toilet paper on our neighbor’s porch.  Ha!!!  Can we grow a garden this summer to share our food?   If we have the ability to do more than that, it most certainly is needed.   We can also take the time for prayer or kind intention for others.   We know that on a mass scale, prayer has unbelievable power.

So let the creative period of our lives begin.  Is this easy to cope with or learn from?  Of course not.  I have many things I wish to put into practice from my wish list above.  I have many opportunities for growth here.

The good news is, when we have challenges, we also have strengths.   Let us each be that spark of God that lifts the world community.  We are all one.    Can’t you just feel the essence of a World Community right now?   We truly are all one.  Remember, Spirit is working with us always to guide and help us.  Keep the faith.  All things can work for the good.

For all the kind souls reading this, if you wish to add your own suggestions or transformative experiences you are having, please comment in the text box on the bottom of this page.

Love and Light,





5 thoughts on “The Good in Everything

  1. Great thoughts Linda! It is a great time to call old friends and all those who could use a little cheering up! Also a great time to clean out the closets for future donations and to pull up the weeds in the garden. We take multiple walks in the yard to see what is coming up (sugar snap peas!), lilies, peonies, ferns, etc.
    I had never paid such close attention to the beauties of nature so frequently!


    1. I’m glad you are taking advantage of the change of pace. My last article before this one was on that. It’s so good to hear from you..


  2. What a great article! Your question “How can we be of service while physically distancing” is a valuable thought for each of us to find solutions too. And who knew that Half-Price- books offered such a great service. Not a surprise coming from a retired librarian.! Thank you so much for your heart felt thoughts! Melanie Morrison

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