What Dreams May Come

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I’ve paid attention to my dreams for a dozen years or so.   The first dream that significantly helped me on a practical level was one that showed me how to fix a garage door that I’d totally buckled by backing into it.    It worked.  It didn’t cost me anything and I never had to replace the door.    They’ve suggested what I should wear for the weather when traveling.   They’ve helped me find new solutions when my cost-of-living clause was gone.   They’ve shown me when I’m following my path well and learning quickly.    Last night’s dream was no exception.   It has to do with the Covid-19 virus.

Yesterday evening, it reoccurred to me that the God-spark in each of us has great power.   I, therefore, started picturing any viruses in me, my home or my significant other were deteriorating and had no power to be of harm.   I thought the same thing: “All viruses in my body, my partner’s body or this home are deteriorating and have no power to do harm.” Then last night, I had a dream of a large semi with no cargo hold on the back coming onto the on-ramp slightly ahead of my path on the freeway.   When I asked about this dream this morning, the meaning was that my envisioning from last night takes away power from the Covid-19 virus and others.  Makes sense, yes?  There are over 160 scientific research studies that say a prayer and or how we think and visualize can absolutely be measured as having a significant effect on one’s progress when ill.

If you’ve read any of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s books, you know that he has expanded this knowledge through medical testing of class participants which indicates that our thoughts intentionally expressed as emotions can turn off/on genes by the thousands in weekend seminars.

I know this and I use this when I meditate in a group, but I somehow forgot to start employing this power personally.

Now that I remembered, I want to state this more globally.  I naturally want my family and loved ones included.   Let’s even go beyond that.  How about: “We are free from harm by the Covid-19 virus.”   I’m inviting everyone who reads this. to repeat “We are free from harm by the Covid-19 virus“.  Fill your heart with the peace and gratitude of it.   Let’s make it so, shall we?   Feel free to pass this on.

Love and light,


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