Earth Day 2020

mother earth

Wow… What wonders are being wrought for Mother Earth?   It’s sad to know that it took a worldwide tragedy to bring it about.   At the same time, I am grateful that our Earth is benefiting.  I suspect it will continue to do so even as we try to get back to a more “normal” life.   This experience might have taught us that we can enjoy life by staying at home.   We might just be able to cut out some of those trips in our cars.   I mean, are they all necessary?  A funny on the internet recently said: “I discovered that my hobbies were shopping and eating out!”   If you’ve learned this about yourself, maybe you are using this quarantine to become less dependent on your car.    If we each start taking that into account, we absolutely can see the results the total effect has.

China alone is producing 25% less carbon dioxide.    I wonder if they are able to see the sun again?    I hear it’s been years.    In India, they can now view the Taj Mahal.   Our marine life is less stressed.  Sound levels are down.  U.S. cities have noticeably cleaner air.    They are even predicting it is reducing the speed of climate change. Here are some of the articles being published giving examples of how our earth is benefiting.

Earth Day was initiated in 1970 by a 25-year-old.   That means it’s been being celebrated for 50 years now to highlight our most precious planet.  My high school knew about this event.   On that day my Senior Year of High School, all of those walking to school carried trash bags and filled them up on our way.   It was a particularly gorgeous day as most have been since.   I was completely inspired by it.

What other ways can we learn from the COVID-19 virus to bring good out of these challenging times?   I know I’m buying less.   That means less waste.  I particularly try to avoid using plastic bags in stores.  Can you suggest any ways of cutting down on plastic or cardboard when we online shop?   I’m walking more.   Is your body also benefitting from this?  I’m also looking forward to growing my own vegetable garden this year.   It will be organic and that is just another way we can help.  I have a slew of vegetables growing in my window sills from the bases of celery stalks, green onions, and romaine lettuce to start it with.  Perhaps we can put tables out in front of our homes with extra produce for our neighbors.

Please share what you are intentionally doing to be kind to our planet and therefore all life in the comments section near the bottom of this page.

In the meantime, I wish each and every one of you well being in your spirit, in your relationships, and in life.   Perhaps we are also feeling more gratitude for each and every day of health we have on Mother Earth.   It’s a wonderful day to be grateful for her sustenance.   May we go forth and care for her.

Love and light,


Apr. 22, 2020




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