The Astrology of These Times

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There was a talk presented online yesterday from a Scientist and Esoteric Astrologist, William Meader.   Ideas he presented included the following:

Saturn and Pluto were approaching each other for months before aligning in early January.   This is a rare event that occurs about every 36 years.   It is the harbinger of taking out the old to give the human race the opportunity to evolve and improve.   However, it also occurs in an astrological field, this time in Capricorn.   That is an extremely rare event, the last being 500 years ago when Martin Luther took on the Catholic Church.  That resulted in the growth of new religions and our thinking about our relationship with God.

Astrologers knew this worldwide event was coming but did not understand how it would unfold. It is the kind of force that affects the entire world and harbinger’s change. In this case, we all now know it involves the “Covid-19 Virus” and a worldwide lockdown.    What opportunities for growth is this affording us?   The first one, many of you might already have guessed.   We all are in the same boat.   We can feel for each other in a way that hasn’t occurred before.  We literally have a better understanding that WE ARE ALL ONE.    I for one needed that idea to grow in the hearts of mankind.   We are all ONE and need to treat each other accordingly.

The second opportunity has to do with an esoteric idea of the 7th Ray coming into prominence.   The 7th Ray is all about manifestation and co-creation.    It’s about mankind waking up to their ability to manifest the physical through their thoughts and emotions.    This is also known as “The Secret” or the “Law of Attraction”.   This takes intentional practice and learning to get effective at creating what one wants to create.   How do we control our minds for the good of humankind?

First one has to know that we all really are magical and this knowledge can be honed for our good and for the good of others.   Am I good at it?   Ahhhh.    I’ve been working on controlling my thoughts for a good 15 years and I can see improvement.    I still have a long way to go though.   Ha!

In the meantime, I want to pick up on the article I wrote two posts ago.    I have a refined way of saying what I would love to put out in the Universe.   It’s influenced by another organization whose Zoom sessions I’ve enjoyed while distancing, “The Columbus Center for Spiritual Living”.   I find it easier to say this than my previous suggestion.   I thought you might like it also.   What seeds do we want to plant in this time of opportunity?   What good do we want to put out into the world with our thoughts and heartfelt power?

How about:  “We are safe in a world that works for everyone?” We are safe in a world that works for everyone!

If it resonates with you, feel free to share it.

Love and Light,


2 thoughts on “The Astrology of These Times

  1. This is an excellent article. The planets have aligned to provide energy for change. We the people of the Earth are going to have to envision a world that spends its resources on feeding and housing the poor, investing in underdeveloped countries so that people can stay in their homelands instead of becoming refugees, and reduce the huge amounts of money spent each year to kill each other. COVID-19 is a gift from the Creator to wake up the world that we are in this together, and we need to make the world work for everyone. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on how we can work together to create a better, kinder world.

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