The Spectrum of God


As you are aware, how we humans view the mystery of “God” encompasses a wide range of beliefs.  At one end it includes not believing in an ordering intelligence.   Then out of those who do believe in a divine mystery, there are many who are certain that this source is outside of us.  Some see God  as indifferent.  Others see him/her/it as pure love.  These are other descriptions of our relationship with source.  We are sinful and do not begin to reflect the magnificence of the almighty power.   We are powerless.  We are mere reflections of God.   

Then you will notice along this continuum that there are those who believe they are sparks of the divine. Even then, they feel humbled by the mystery of source.   As one continues along this flow, some believe they are the stuff of God’s energy and that the experiences of all life are how “the collective” experiences life.  Some feel that they are the essence of this divine mystery and are too, all powerful.   Instead of shunning their full potential, they reach for it.   The persons I have known whom I would place in this last category have been extremely talented and truly kind.   They have the understanding that we are all one.   Everything in our experience is energy and we are all energy.   Instead of fearing success though, they seek it.   They clearly have a sense of purpose and respond to that with “YES”.

Where are you on the continuum?    Have you found any of your ideas shifting in the last few months?  What is this time-period teaching us?   I personally have been listening to multiple spiritual services and watching You-tube videos.   My latest was “Seth’s” take on why we have pandemics from an etheric point of view.  Seth as you might know was channeled by Jane Roberts.   The video expanded some of the ideas I had.   I had been wondering how I had been growing spiritually during this time.   I could see what my personal challenges were.   I could see how I was changing as I learned from these challenges, but still I could not quite see how I was expanding my own spiritual beliefs.   So, I was glad when I noticed that the Seth video was doing that.   Also when I reflected upon the messages I had been hearing in varying churches and spiritual Zoom gatherings, I could also see that I was fleshing out multiple beliefs.   Last Sunday, Rev. Gregory, gave a thought-provoking lesson on saying YES to all things that would require your highest potential and no to all the others.   He suggested to say “no thank you” even when these opportunities used your skill sets well but did not grab your passion and push you to new growth.   I hope this summary does his message justice.   At least, that is what I took away from it.

Where are you on the spectrum of God?  When you see tragedy like in the loss of lives or what seems to be outright evil, how does your belief system cope with it?   Do you believe that good can come from everything?    Does “the now” put your faith into question or build upon it?   Are your beliefs expanding?  What changes do you see in yourself?   Do you believe you can alter your beliefs on purpose? Would you even want to? Is one of the purposes of this pandemic to give us opportunity for spiritual advancement?

Ahhhh.  Today, I am just offering ideas.   What are yours? Feel free to respond in the comments section below. I ask this by respecting whatever your beliefs are. I see our beliefs as being in alignment with what we want to learn on a spiritual plane. That requires our beliefs to be on a spectrum and vary from each other as we are all on different paths.

Love and light,


2 thoughts on “The Spectrum of God

  1. Your message is thought provoking. When I see a tragedy like this virus and the loss of life, I am grateful (more than ever!) for all the goodness in life and our simple blessings of food and a bed nightly. It’s these things we often take for granted on a normal basis. My faith builds on the reality of life being short…in the Light of “Life is real! Life is earnest” as the poem goes. One’s beliefs can expand to “build bridges” among people. We absolutely can choose our path to forge and seek goodness in all things. These times “alone together” can bring us closer together.

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