Putting the Covid-19 Virus and George Floyd into a Spiritual Perspective

Over the course of the last four months you can see a pattern to the way I see what is happening in the world from a spiritual point of view.   I do believe the Divine in all can work good from everything.  How then do the Covid-19 virus and the reactions to George Floyd’s death play into that?

Here is a possible scenario.   We know from the astrology of these times that this is a tipping point when our collective souls were feeling so distressed over our world’s issues that it created the pandemic so to speak, in protest.   This kind of distress has produced many pandemics and wars throughout history.  In the “real” world we live in, immunologists and scientists often give dire warnings.  Ex.  Even a Vaccine Won’t Erase this Pandemic.   I’ve heard of another scientist that believes this was a scientifically altered virus.  His prediction was that it will get weaker as it mutates.   I do not have the source on this view but that is certainly the way I’d prefer looking at it.  Astrology would suggest this second example will occur also.  As time always brings us into new influences from the stars, the positive news is that our collective minds move on to create new events and new patterns to give us continued growth and have the opportunity to work for the good.

Let us look at the ever so difficult death of George Floyd.  It has sparked the much needed and repeated call for each Black person’s life and ultimately each person’s life to be treated with respect.   Our unequal treatment from too many of our government officials down through some of our police force and individuals in our society has been so very disheartening for years beyond measure.   I commend those that are again protesting peacefully against this injustice worldwide!   Do I expect to live in a Utopian world?   No.  We know that is not life on earth.   We each have our own choices to make in this regard.  This is one of the perspectives I really found valuable this week.  To benefit from it, you would have to fast forward about 20 minutes into the service (after the meditation) to get to the message by Rev. Gregory.  We are all one in the energy mix of life…   If that is so, how do we use that knowledge in situations like this?   His message gives a method to focus on our own improvement to bring solution in crisis.  It is well worth a watch for a fresh perspective.

Perhaps George Floyd was protesting the treatment of his race on a soul level.   If so, look at the potential for good his sacrifice is bringing.  His death symbolizes an opportunity to learn how to honor the oneness of all.   Perhaps we are given these events to grow past our prejudices.   Perhaps we are given these challenges to grow past our fears.  Perhaps we are given these choices to grow our souls.  In any case, our focus now on the issue of racial equality does allow us to collectively bring the new about in another way.   Might I suggest that it also allows for improvement in our co-collaborated future?  We are demanding it has an improved effect on racial equality.  Perhaps it will also have the side effect of lessening the Covid-19 virus’s effects in the world due to the nature of our evolving thoughts.  It is the never-ending pattern of change we have all seen in our lives.

What do you believe we are trying to universally learn from all of this?  How does your own spiritual perspective help you find your emotional balance?   There is a comment section below if you should wish to participate in this discussion.

Love and light,


One thought on “Putting the Covid-19 Virus and George Floyd into a Spiritual Perspective

  1. I believe that everything that happens has been co-created by COATI, the Creator Of All That Is, and those that were created, which is us. It has taken COVID and the murder of George Floyd to achieve a global wakeup call. There has been a shift in consciousness that has destroyed the old normal. This shift requires the cooperation and focus of all of us.

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