Opportune Spiritual Lessons from COVID19

rays light

We’ve all had plenty of time under the new social patterns required by COVID to know that we each have large challenges to face.   On a spiritual level, what are our opportunities for growth?  As I thought about this, it turns out I came up with many more than I was aware of.   If you have others to add or have feedback, please contribute them in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

Which of these apply to you?

  1. Patience: How important is this in your relationships currently? How important is this to your own emotional balance? How important is this in accepting the unknown timeline for this virus?
  2. Self-Sacrifice: Are you making choices to consider other peoples’ needs and safety?  Are you avoiding unnecessary or risky trips out?
  3. Bravery: Are you learning to live with less certainty in life?   Are you learning to not go overboard with bravery because it puts others in jeopardy?  Have the many examples of heroes in our midst been heart-warming?
  4. Empathy: Are you feeling for everyone on some level?  Are you able to understand better what the statement means that “We are all One?”
  5. Gratitude: Does it help you and others when you take the time to be appreciative?
  6. Kindness: Does this word have new meaning to you?
  7. Creativity: How much does this relate to your own happiness? Are their new skills you are trying to develop to be self-sustaining?
  8. Meditation: Is this a practice you are developing or using? Are you learning to use mediation as a participation vehicle between you and spirit?
  9. Healing: Are you learning to use your healing skills to send long-distance healing? Are you sending prayer?
  10. Co-Creation: Are you practicing or refining your skills of co-creation to visualize the Covid19 Virus as impotent?
  11. Lucid Dreaming: Are you asking for guidance through your dreams before you sleep at night?   Are you able to ask questions to refine the meaning of your dreams during them?
  12. Observation: Do you need to be more aware of the needs of persons in your relationships?   Can you find peace by enjoying the beauty around you?
  13. Fear, Anger, Depression, loneliness… Are you intentionally working to avoid negative reactions and emotions?  Can these feelings sometimes work for the good of all?
  14. Mortality: Are you able to come to peace with your own mortality for this life-times’ story?
  15. Service: Are you checking in with others that are very isolated or in high-risk groups?  Are you checking to see how you can help?  Are you safely finding ways to volunteer?
  16. Nurturing: Where and what have you been nurturing?
  17. Pride: Has your pride been tempered by these times? Have passions been ignited?
  18. Motivation: What will you leave this season of our lives with?   Are you now motivated to take better care of Mother Earth?  Are you now motivated to take better care of your body/temple?  Do you see the relevence of having hobbies?  Are you a more self-directed learner?
  19. Positive light: Are you able to maintain a positive emotional balance and contribute to the overall good?
  20. Accomplishments: Are you rethinking your accomplishments in terms of what you are contributing to the world spiritually?
  21. Discipline: Are you intentionally using this time to gain discipline in a physical and/or spiritual arena?
  22. Selflessness: How are you being selfless?
  23. Spiritual Connection: Are you increasing your abilities to communicate with spirit?  Can you figure out if you are receiving spiritual guidance?  Do you know how to get a yes or a no answer spiritually?   Here is a Youtube video that can help.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_VoqGfzvRo   It’s about the sway method of muscle testing.  Know that your body may sway in a totally different method than this Doctor’s body.  Just find how your body reacts to yes and no and then you can ask Yes and No based questions of it to get confirmations.  This works because we are simply energy.  If the energy of something (an object, food, statement/idea) is in harmony with our energy, our bodies react in a way meaning Yes or it’s true.   If the object, food, or statement/idea is not in harmony with our energy, our bodies will react with a motion meaning No or False.  A second choice suggests various methods of getting yes and no answers.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74yzwSvflOE
  24. Love: Are you refining what it is to LOVE?

I suspect most of you will see your growth in many of these categories.  If so, kudos!  It is just another way of knowing that the Covid19 virus can help with the good in each of us.  Here is to the growth of all our souls on a global level!

Love and Light,


3 thoughts on “Opportune Spiritual Lessons from COVID19

  1. Each of the points is a reminder to think about what we are doing and where we are going in the midst of “interesting times.” Thanks.


  2. Trust. I find surrendering to Trust in God’s Grace, giving and receiving the Highest and Best in all areas of Life as God created this Life is a part of my Living now.


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