I have always thought of “Sacred” as applying to places and objects that have great spiritual energy.   I was listening to the book “The Five Invitations” last night by Frank Ostaseski and loved his concept of seeing the sacred in everything.   He told the story of Thich Nhat Hanh holding up a piece of white paper and asking people what they saw.   Most said a white sheet of paper.  Some said a tree, the lumberjack who cut down the tree…. And so on till it wove a story that valued it with depth.   For instance, I could see the sapling just peeking above the soil.   I could see the life well lived of the tree that gave its ultimate gift to build sturdy homes and beautiful carved wood bowls and paper as the foundation for tender love letters.   One of the points he made was that when you give something thought in a way that connects to your heart, you can see its sacredness.   The minute I took the time to do that, I felt a deep sense of gratitude for anything I thought of.   I realized I could view what I currently saw as run down or sad or contrary – as beautiful.  It gave me peace and perspective.   It was definitely a thought process worth pursuing.  The question is, “Can I learn to do this as my normal mode of thinking?”

What if I can see everything as “Sacred”?   If it is possible, wouldn’t just my energy and pure gratitude of seeing it in that way, add good to the world?

Would it:

Help me see the value in whatever comes my way?

Help me learn from same?

Add uplifted energy to it?

Affect the ethers in a positive way?

Bring inclusiveness?

Provide healing for others?

Provide healing for myself?

Help me accept whatever life brings?

Live in a state of gratitude?

See everything as a part of the one?

I feel as though I just have just been given a key to strive for all these concepts I value.   When I take the time to see the sacredness of each thing in my experiences, I am there.   I am giving my best.   My energy is bright and gentle….   It is a new gift to be explored and I am reveling in it.   Now, the trick is, can I do it?   So, this article is likely to come out in two parts.   Can I change my habitual way of choosing what I prefer and what I don’t, into finding the sacred in everything?   The word daunting comes to mind even though I tend to be a positive person.    I am human and I catch myself complaining at least some of the time about areas of my life that frustrate me.  This idea though has captured my imagination in a way that I want to give this practice the best chance I can.  All suggestions welcomed.

Love and light,


One thought on “Sacred

  1. A beautiful thought “to find the sacred in everything”. Thank you! For whatever reason, my mind went to attending seminars of Thich Nhat Hanh offered near Paris, France. And being sequestered among others seeking the sacred. Yet, this can be felt and realized through our spiritual longing here and now.


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