Sacred II

I had an epiphany last night.    As you might know from my last article, I was inspired by the author of “The Five Invitations” to see the sacred in everything.   My main motivation for doing this was because I wanted to be able to project that feeling as much as possible throughout my day.   If I could project those feelings that embody sacredness, I could see co-creating the world I wanted.  I was using the technique the author suggested to find thoughts that could see sacredness in everything and then connect it to one’s emotions.   This technique did help me get there with things that annoyed me or reduced my energy.   Things I saw as sad or depressed, I could now feel the sacredness of.

Do I believe that everything is sacred? I believe that we are one with everything. We are all energy blending constantly to and fro. I believe we are one with Source or God (to describe it in traditional terms.) Therefore, doesn’t it make sense that everything has to be sacred?

However, after multiple attempts, I failed to be able to see the extreme challenges in the world as sacred.   These are the large issues of a lying, disrespectful leadership, extreme inequalities in our justice system, COVID, disregard for Mother Earth, mass shootings, etc.    Even though I could see all these things as being our opportunities to grow our souls, I was not able to connect that to the feeling of the “Sacred”.   Then last night happened.

It was serendipity.   The same book club that read “The Five Invitations” just chose to read up on the Heart Math Institute findings.   I went off on my own tangent and started listening to “Heart Math Solutions.”   The first technique they taught was to help us reduce stress via our heart called “Freeze Frame”.  Its idea was simple.   Whenever you notice you are feeling stressed, focus on one’s heart.   Then feel a positive feeling like gratitude while doing this.   I tried it.   I liked it with the feeling of gratitude.   I could feel how it was relaxing me.   Then I tried it with the feeling I have when I first go into a “Sacred” space.   It is a hushed feeling, a feeling of awe and reverence.   Can you feel that?   My hairs can even stand up on my arms sometimes in these settings. 

So, when I focused on my heart again, I first envisioned white light surrounding it. I then brought in the feeling of “Sacredness” to this focus and “POW”, I could feel all the things this word means to me…  holiness, peace, beauty, safety, wonder, awe, oneness, divinity, love….    What happened next was even more amazing.   I have known for several years how to breath in such a way as to help my brain produce Serotonin. At least that is what I have labeled it.  I get a vibration in my upper brain that is a lovely sensation.    I can get this to occur for a few breaths.   When I went into this state of Sacredness in my heart focus, my brain started responding with this vibration.   The difference was it continued and continued with each breath in and each breath out.   It was a beautiful experience.   All the while, my heart was feeling what I would love to emanate out in the world.  

Now, while this was happening, I was nearly asleep.   My sense of spiritual connection is usually stronger at this time so I do not know yet if I can project with this same heart level during the day.   What I do have going for me is that I know what it feels like.

So even though I have not been able to see the sacred in everything, maybe I have found a way to project the “Sacred” through my heart.    Hmmm.   The world does work in mysterious ways.   Thank you, Heart Math Institute!

Love and light,


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