Being Thankful in 2020

At this time of Thanksgiving for Americans, 2020 might test our abilities to give thanks. Even so, I know so many that can find gratitude in the midst of it all. As Mr. Rogers’ mother said whenever there is tragedy, “look for the helpers.”

Look at our amazing Medical Community members that have risen to the occasion. Their lives have been in jeopardy and loss by to many of them. Look at our care community in assisted living and nursing homes. Look at our teachers that put themselves in harms way to assist our young people. Look at all the persons simply showing up for work, school or volunteering. Each one, young and old, were making courageous choices this year, perhaps even on a daily basis.

Near the beginning of the COVID epidemic, I wrote an article on all the ways we could be growing our souls as a worldwide community. Here’s some of the list we came up with: Patience, self-sacrifice, bravery, empathy, gratitude, kindness, creativity, meditation, healing, co-creation, coming to peace with mortality, service, nurturing, motivation, being positive, discipline, selflessness, spiritual connection, faith, trust, and love to name a few. I can see myself having worked on some of these. How about you? If we were all being given the opportunity to grow our souls, I am grateful for the fact that we are one step closer to having a majority of human souls tipping the scale for the good so to speak.

I am grateful for us seeing humans throughout the world as one. We all have a commonality in needs that are so evident right now. I am grateful for all the persons working to find a cure. I am grateful for the souls volunteering to be tested for various medical solutions to this disease. I am grateful for persons working to overcome other pressing issues world-wide like the great inequities amongst the races. I am grateful for all those trying to help the tragic numbers of people who have faced great losses this year. We can be sending out healing in our actions, thoughts, and hearts.

This is a world of challenges. I am grateful for the kind souls working to meet those challenges. The quote “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” by Mark Twain in “A Tale of Two Cities” comes to mind. Can we see the best of 2020?

When the Pilgrims first joined the Native Americans to give thanks, it was a very big deal. Did you know that each Pilgrim survived on six kernels of corn daily over that first tragic winter? I discovered an ancestor this year who was six years old on the first Thanksgiving. Her name was Remember Allerton. She had lost her mother and infant sibling in this first year. Great losses were sustained by every family. Great losses would be sustained by the Native Americans who only helped this first community. Too often we learn through sadness and challenge. Yet, even so, we have opportunity to learn from our mistakes and continue to be motivated by what we can do better at, be kinder at….

This year I give thanks for all those who have remained healthy. I give thanks for all the helpers and healers out there. I give thanks for those who take responsibility to mask up and take care of everyone around them. I give thanks for those whom have isolated. My heart goes out to all those whom have suffered tragedy, whether it be through the loss of loved ones, health or sustenance. How can we help each other in an improved, more equitable way? How can we co-create a better world? Can we all find a way to give thanks even in the midst of these challenges? Does gratitude lift one’s heart and give one hope? It might be needed now more than ever. How do you feel?

My heart to your heart in love and light,


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