A Spiritual and Physical Approach to Immunity During Covid

There are patterns that have emerged that appear to be helping friends of mine avoid getting Covid. I’ve had 5 examples now of persons who have been clearly exposed. The majority have not caught it themselves. Those who have, have had mild cases. They were all basically doing the supplemental regimen I am doing and describing below. This is not medical advice. I am not a doctor and can only give my opinion here. People need to do their own research and check with their doctor, to make their own choices. I can however share what these friends and family did and what I’ve chosen to do to build my immune system.

What I do is work from both a spiritual level and a physical one to stay healthy. On a spiritual level, I ask that any unhealthy energy in me be released and transformed for the good. If I start to get sick, I immediately sing “I am healthy, I am well” in my thoughts. I feel gratitude. I use envisioning where I see myself in a vacuum tube with this energy being released. These are metaphysical means of releasing blocked energy. According to various new-age philosophers and writers like Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle, when our emotions get stored in our bodies they act as blocked energy that can cause disease. For me, I simply say a prayer asking that the blocked energy that is ready to be released, be lifted completely from me and be transformed for the good.

That is the first thing I do. The rest of my choices will be to care for my physical self in the most natural way possible. As far a Covid goes, I have been lucky enough to stay well. I am building up my immune system by taking:

  1. Daily intake of 8000 i.u.’s of D3. Previous major studies in Europe and the U.S. found that high doses of D3 prevented around 80% of all colds, viruses, and even cancer in persons who took about 1000 I.U.’s for every 15 pounds they weighed. (I use to be able to find these studies easily but they have been pushed back in the rankings in search engines by all the findings coming out specifically about Covid.)
  2. Daily doses of zinc (50 mg only when I have food in my stomach). Zinc supposedly helps rid our bodies of viruses.
  3. Daily intake of vitamin C either through fruit and foods high in C or via a supplement. (The Marik Protocol, Dr. Paul E. Marik, MD)
  4. Daily intake of vitamin B1 in conjunction with vitamin C as it helps the C absorb. (The Marik Protocol, Dr. Paul E. Marik, MD)

I am also a believer in wearing masks, social distancing, and staying isolated except outside. If I start to feel like I am getting a cold or ill, I also tend to use homeopathics, like Cold Calm or Oscillococcinum for flu or Arnica Montana for pain.

I consider all these to be tools in my toolbox to maintain good health. Of course, I have a healthy lifestyle too that includes good eating habits and exercise.

The friends and family I have who have avoided getting Covid or had light cases, have each taken at least 5000 i.u.’s of Vitamin D3. All but one has taken zinc. Most have taken vitamin C. They also have typically cleaned their surroundings to reduce viral load exposure and done things like changing their pillowcases daily as that tends to be a place where germs collect. Something as simple as eating celery or drinking celery juice also supposedly reduces viral load. One of them took a Chaga mushroom supplement because that could deter viruses from attaching to her cells. Several used mouthwash that kills 99% of the germs in our mouths when used for at least 30 seconds.

THIS IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE. It is simply a friend passing along what has coincided with my own health or my friends and family. The reader is welcome to start researching any of these ideas and seeking proper medical advice when and if they are faced with illness. You know what they say though. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

As spiritual beings, attending to our thoughts, being grateful for our health to draw that to us, and envisioning can be our first wonderful lines of defense. Multiple times over the years, I have felt like a cold was coming on while I was asleep. Using spiritual tools alone, I was fine by morning and could completely avoid physical means of addressing any health issues.

I am just passing these ideas along for your perusal and study. May you each have the ability to stay healthy and well. Protection is also starting to come through medical science in the form of immunizations. In the meantime, figuring out what is working for others could be a responsibility we all have for the care of our own bodies.  Here are 3 articles that might assist you in your research: How We Can Combat COVID-19 infection , Your Immune System Is Your Best Defense Against Diseases and Your Health is Your Responsibility The links in these articles take the reader to original research.

Love and light,


3 thoughts on “A Spiritual and Physical Approach to Immunity During Covid

  1. Thank you for this informative information regarding COVID 19 and flu! It supports anything I have read and establishes guidelines to follow. In wellness and health, Melanie Morrison


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