How Can We Assimilate the Capital Building Attack Spiritually?

As hard as it is to quelch the feelings that come from last Wednesday’s attack, what beliefs do you have that help you regain emotional balance? Do you even want to regain it? Is it a time to work for effective change? Is it an even more significant time to be emotionally balanced to be there for others?

My own personal Spiritual bent believes that all things work for the good. To that end, not only did we see great tragedy last week, we also saw more co-operation of both political parties in the U.S. Most could agree that it had gone too far, that it was a time to work together for the common good. We finally know who our next President and Vice President will be. There appears to be renewed vigor to get back to our basic values of a government of equality and justice for all. It might be motivating us to work for what we believe in.

Let’s look at this incident from another two approaches also. In my last article on Numerology, I mentioned that each year has its own energies that are supported by that year’s frequencies. Year 2021 is a year 5. Here is a more complete table on what the 5 energy accentuates. I did not want to include some of these negatives in the past article, but can see now that it might be better to let you know what you might be feeling to the positive and the negative from this year’s challenges in detail.

Sources: “Numerology, the Romance in Your Name” by Juno Jordan and “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Numerology, 2nd Edition” by Kay Lagerquist Ph.D. and Lisa Lenard

Based upon the Universal #5 year, the right hand column shows us the many human feelings or reactions we could be experiencing to the negative. It does include such strong feelings as being rebellious. The left hand column are the ways to channel our feelings to a more positive approach to life’s challenges. If we take our dissatisfaction and use that energy to take reasonable action, progress is a likely outcome. It is a year where there will be variety in what we encounter. There is hope that we can be energized and curious. There is hope for freedom as the Covid virus comes under control. There is hope of new ideas coming forward to help solve our countries’ and our world’s pressing needs. Change is afoot to help us leave 2020 behind and work towards the future.

Astrology is another possible source of inspiration. The planets are apparently aligned to increase the effect of how we think and feel this year. That means that if we work for a positive pattern in our thoughts and seek emotional balance, positive results will attract. Negative thoughts, feelings, and reactions as a pattern will bog us down in that energy field.

Paying attention to our overall patterns this year is important. Of course, when we have an unprecedented event like on Wednesday, we are all going to be feeling out of kilter. However, it’s actually our patterns of thought, feelings and actions that co-create our world. That is good news when times are difficult, we have time to recover and get back to a balanced positive pattern of recreating a better world.

With intention, what choices do we want to be making this year? Can we ring out 2021 having made progress with action based in kindness, love and light? Where there is darkness, can we bring light? Could that be a definition of being an awakened Spiritual being? Can we help ourselves and others heal? Can we pray, intend and/or envision a gentler, less divided nation politically? Can we co-create a better world?

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2 thoughts on “How Can We Assimilate the Capital Building Attack Spiritually?

  1. On the day that Georgia elected its first black Senator and first Jewish Senator, the Capitol was attacked by a mob of Trumpers. The full meaning of the number 5 that you showed us is a useful warning and a hopeful atmosphere in 2021.

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  2. Sometime we only see progress in how we think it should be formed. It was interesting to me that Congress agreed only once their lives were in danger. Truth comes forth in interesting ways sometime. So in that light, freedom reigns. Kindness, light and love will lead us through this transition. The number table frame you shared is interesting. Thank you. “eighth eye” always offers a perspective of intention. Maybe listening to different viewpoints and truly trying to understanding their concerns is a beginning for resolve.

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