Be the Bridge

We have had significant changes in our nation this last few weeks. It depends upon your perspective if these are welcomed or not. Even though many of us feel great relief at some of these shifts, there is an evident gap that needs bridged. What are ways we can help bridge those gaps?

  1. Breath in peace. Breath out peace. Intend it.
  2. Send out peace through our hearts. (Being heart centered)
  3. Listen and truly try to understand other people’s points of view. Be respectful of others and possibly submit questions that might help them ponder a middle course of action.
  4. Intend to work towards co-operation.
  5. Look for laughter or create it!
  6. Employ forgiveness.
  7. Work towards non-judgement.
  8. If you enjoy writing, find ways to submit your own writing to help work for peace and co-operation. Maybe that will be something as appreciated as commenting below.
  9. Take lawful, positive actions. How can you help others in your community, your state, your nation, and your world? There are social apps to help bring about change that are perfect during COVID or anytime. Did you know about these?
  10. Join Lynn McTaggart’s Intention Groups. She’s the leader and founder of “Intentional Experiments”. I highly recommend her books, The Intention Experiments and The Power of Eight.
  11. Start reading or listening to books of a spiritual nature. There are exciting books that help give all kinds of tips on growing one’s gifts of spirituality, balance, healing, and co-creation.
  12. Remember Source always works for the good. (“In all things God works for the good.” Romans 8:28) Good will prevail.
  13. Peace can absolutely be found through Meditation.
  14. Be an example of peace for the world. Intend to have balanced emotions.
  15. Place your consciousness behind your thoughts and be the observer. It gives distance and perspective. It lets you know, we are not our thoughts or emotions. We are that which can observe our thoughts and emotions.
  16. Be grateful for the healing already coming our way.
  17. Be love.
  18. Employ prayer, intention and/or envisioning to create a better world.

In times like these, we might need to employ all the techniques we know to radiate healing out into the world. Like Simon and Garfunkel sang, we might need to be the “Bridge over Troubled Waters.” With great hope and from my heart to your heart, THANK YOU!

Love and light,


One thought on “Be the Bridge

  1. Your suggestions are all good, and for the good. It is time to purge the things that were necessary to bring about recent change, and work on supporting the next positive changes to make them happen.


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