Did the Earth Shift Dimensions?

The New Earth

Have you been hearing for years now that the Earth would shift from a 3-dimensional world to a 4th or 5th dimensional world? Did this finally happen on Dec. 21, 2020?

When I got a spiritual reading recently, the reader stated it had. Others suggest we have all been shifting into the 4th or 5th dimension for years now. This prediction of a New Earth in a 4/5th dimensional world you might have heard called the age of Aquarius. It’s also been referred to as “The New Earth.”

Here is what Allen Lew wrote about 4th and 5th Dimensional consciousness on his medium.com website. “4th dimensional skills include: using our intuition and creativity; practicing forms of meditation and yoga; lucid dreaming and out-of-body experience (OBE) techniques; channeling and other ways of communicating with higher dimensional beings and ETs; and working with past life regression, hypnosis, and psychic abilities. These modalities both bring the practitioner into the 4th and higher dimensions, and bring those dimensions into our 3rd Dimension.

This is different from the concept of “enlightenment”, which is more about experiencing and knowing the oneness, perfection and unconditional love of all existence. Enlightenment characteristics are typically more associated with descriptions of the 5th Dimension.”

I’m bringing this up because I’m curious. Have you noticed more people all the time interested in developing their Spiritual Gifts? Are you noticing that nature is a bit brighter or stronger in color? Are you feeling energy shifts?

One of the points the medium made that I was talking with, is that it is a time for us to each carry out a new purpose. We each have skills we have developed. How can we use them in new ways to co-create a better world?

Have you possibly noticed that you are already contributing to the world with additional creativity and unexplored avenues as the year progressed in 2020? As planetary motions align to support great changes they usually effect us at different rates. We can easily be affected by these events before they happen. Did you embark on any significant growth last year? How about now?

We certainly have seen great changes lately. Do you feel a part of that? What if we each, with the guidance of Spirit, can start working on a new level to benefit our world? What if we take this time to grow and help others grow in their connection? So many are ready to discover that this is possible for them.

We are all on a continuum and we are all students. What if we are now all in the 4th dimension and some are ready for or are in the 5th? I believe this because I know many people working in the 4th and 5th dimension already. It fills me with gratitude for when I see confirmation of it. This gives me hope all the way around.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Love and light,


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