Finding Your Purpose

Signs of Spring

I saw a lovely affirmation online shared by Evelyn Castillo. “I am on the right path. I am manifesting what I desire every step I take. I am brilliant. I am creative. I am needed on this earth and will continue to keep evolving. Even if I can’t see it at the moment, everything is working in my favor.”

Each line spoke to me as having import. Let’s look at one in particular. “I am needed on this earth”. A holocaust survivor suggested that this above all else is what determined if people in his situation had the will to live. It was aligned with if they still felt needed, if they still had purpose. He survived because he decided this knowledge absolutely needed shared. For him, that gave him the will to live. I wish I remembered who this man was. I suppose that remembering his story would be enough to thank him for his strength.

People can really struggle with figuring out their purpose. If this happens to resonate with you currently, see it as opportunity knocking. See it as the force that will help you grow in alignment with your life plan, in the plan you were born with. There are many clues to help.

What interests you? Where are your passions? If you could be doing anything right now, what would it be? What fulfills you? What lights you up? Notice when you are really happy. Does it coincide with something you are contributing? When you are enjoying yourself and contributing, consider that a great indicator of what fulfills you. It doesn’t have to be some big, overwhelming choice. It can be something as simple as making soup for neighbors that need it. It can be something as simple as being a talented observer who helps where they can.

Do we have only one purpose here? Spirit is telling me yes, “we are all here to learn and grow.” This is important. It’s our prime directive so to speak. Know that all challenges in life give us this opportunity. They are not necessarily enjoyed though, are they? Note, however, these present us with avenues that can also lead us to find what might better be called our path to fulfillment.

Fulfillment can come in many creative ways. Artists find it through their artwork as an example. Teachers can find it through their instruction. What draws you? What choices do you need to make to be in alignment with your energy? Is it a smooth road? Not necessarily. The bumps along the way can be very instructional. Does it take effort? It absolutely can. It can also feel like flying as sometimes it is that easy. Like life, it can be complicated. In other words, don’t feel guilty if figuring this out takes many years of your life. It is an important driving life force that can takes us down many roads of exploration. It gives us the opportunity for growth which is everyone’s common need.

There is a reason I brought this up today. Many believe that on Dec. 21st of last year, the “New Earth” was born. They suggest our reality has shifted. If you’ve noticed a growing need to get involved, to find new purpose, that is one of the ways this shift is affecting us. Using your talents in new ways might interest you. Notice the “wee still voice within” that could be prodding you to find a way to create a better world.

Let this be an adventure between you and Spirit. It’s in the seeking where we can find. Let this flow and grow. Make the choices needed to do what you enjoy and is fulfilling.

This article is written with the hope that we can co-create a kinder, more respectful society and world. Let the spring bring forth new buds of growth in all of us.

Love and light,


P.S. Feel free to comment, disagree, agree and/or share your own point of view in the section below.

One thought on “Finding Your Purpose

  1. Thank you! Our purpose, by far, is to learn and grow! And to seek how we can better this world. This “8th eye” issue is one of the best post I have read…ever…on the topic of giving of oneself freely. Thanks again!

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