Being Aligned with Your God Spark Through Creativity

A group of my friends has been sharing what was positive about our experiences over the last year. In each case, we were expressing our God Spark through creativity. I personally believe we are here as curious souls wanting to learn and express ourselves. It is at the very core of our nature. I personally believe we are an individualized expression of “Source”. We might each be a sensing point for that mystery. If so, doesn’t it make sense that what we feel, what we choose, and what we create, all give the Divine opportunities to experience life?

Some of my friends took this more secluded time to paint, research, apply to become DAR members, create new songs, clean, organize, exercise, write poetry, take photos, and or write a book and publish. Personally, I spent much time writing on my blogs, editing and publishing my first book, “The Empathic Gift”, learning how to be a would-be graphic artist, exercising, making genealogical breakthroughs for myself and others, cooking, telling stories through Zoom meetings and sharing spiritual readings. Why can all of these things be part of a creative process?

Have you ever noticed, that when you are truly creative, you feel very involved in the moment? Time can fly by even when it’s in spurts. I liken the creative process as being as close to God as we can get. Have you ever felt the presence or assistance from Spirit in your creative endeavors? I suspect most of us would answer yes to that question.

If you haven’t felt that, try cooking. Here is a Spirit recipe. Take spinach, tomatoes, onions, and honey. Ask Spirit to guide you in how much of each to use and what the final result will be in both flavor and use. Some of you might make a great pasta sauce. Some of you might make a relish that goes well on any vegetable dish… Now you try. Pick a handful of ingredients. Use your sixth sense or even your ability to get a YES and a NO from Spirit, and have this manifestation from God help you cook something you’ve never tried before.

Another option is to take out a canvas or paper and any art supplies you have. Create. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. Do you need to have a purpose in mind or can you just let it flow? Is the process important to you or the outcome? There are no wrong answers here. Can you ask for spiritual guidance as you create? Was it a satisfying process?

If so, take the time to feel good that you could sense this on behalf of the Divine. If not, try something else. How do you want to explore creativity? Can it be another way for you to connect to God?

Musings, love and light,


2 thoughts on “Being Aligned with Your God Spark Through Creativity

  1. The pandemic required extensive isolation and an opportunity to reconsider our priorities for spiritual development. This article has many useful suggestions on trying new approaches over a broad area of topics.


  2. Your creativity and energy are boundless! I am proud of you! Am personally feeling on the verge of change and excitement that comes with new adventures in the horizon. This year has brought reflection and motivation for spiritual renewal.


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