The Renewed Earth

It seems appropriate to me that we enjoy this beautiful Earth Day with gratitude on multiple levels. Our reductions in using transportation for the last year, has improved our air quality and populations of waning animal life. Birds are a great example.

Our lives will be better off if we are breathing cleaner air. I assume that water clarity would also be affected if less toxins are coming down in our rains. I feel good that our stressed earth has this small reprieve. Are we becoming more conscious of ways in which we can intentionally use our cars less to help with this?

In 2010, scientists gathered to assess how much time we had to get our major pollution issues under control. They selected what key areas to watch to determine when our climate would be out of control. At that point in time, they estimated that the human race had a 50-100 year window to “save” our planet. They intended to keep their eyes on these major indicators and come together every ten years to do the same. Of course, they also intended to be working on solving our major issues.

In 2020 when they met, 3 of the 10 or so key indicators on the state of Earth’s health had already started to collapse. Their estimates are that we now have a 10 to 30 year window to eliminate (YES, ELIMINATE) carbon emissions to save Mother Earth and all our lives!

This is not a joke. If the climate becomes totally out of control, we will not have the ability to reverse it and continue living. Sadly, I Iearned this after leasing a new gas powered car. Anytime we use our gas based cars, take most public transportation, cook with gas stoves, and use our fireplaces, we are adding carbon emissions to the air.

There are countries and large companies like Amazon, making choices to greatly reduce their emissions within the next 30 years. They are leaders and just the beginning of what is needed.

We each can make choices daily to help. We can plant trees for starters as they are wonderful cleaners of our atmosphere. Did you know that when we use electricity it also adds to air pollution? Our reliance on plastic bags and containers that take hundreds of years to break down, are already causing extreme problems in water pollution and wildlife deaths in particular. Plastic can be detected in our bodies now, it has become so prevalent. There are alternative corn based plastic bags that breakdown within a couple of months we can purchase. They are currently expensive, but will come down in price as we intentionally switch to using them. We can buy bio-friendly soap products to help with water pollution in particular. Take the time to learn what you can do.

So, part of the opportunity of Earth Day this year to me is to really be motivated to do a better job of being a caretaker of Mother Earth. The other opportunity for me for this day, is to recognize that Mother Earth is renewed in an energy shift known as “The New Earth”. This occurred according to many spiritually minded people on Dec. 21, 2020. It brought in a shift in the frequency of the Earth we are now experiencing.

This is important. It suggests that we now have the opportunity for the majority of humans to co-create a better world. It suggests that though there will always be the negative and the challenges in our Earth lives, that the power of the lower frequencies is waning. We have the opportunity to improve life for ourselves, our families, our communities, our world and Mother Earth. Notice the shift in a monumental recent ruling on the murder of George Floyd. This and other examples will begin to relay evidence of a kinder, more just world.

Of course, we can also see the opposite. The mass shootings on the news daily would be examples. From a spiritual point of view, what if those involved, came with a birth plan to help demand a shift in our approach to firearms in our country? Are they intentionally sacrificing their lives to bring about reform on some higher plane?

All things can work for the good. Today on Earth Day, 2021, we can each use our gratitude for Mother Earth to envision her as healthy and life sustaining. We can not only make choices for the good of Mother Earth and all life, but use our envisioning powers to see humankind caring for her health and well-being too. We can see all things working for the good. We can see shifts taking place that will, pebble by pebble, step by step, bring much needed change.

See our challenges as opportunities for motivation. See our shifts as a boost to help lift the frequencies of all beings. Thank you, Mother Earth, for sustaining us and being rebirthed to help us continue this journey called life! May we care for you as you care for us.

Love and light,


2 thoughts on “The Renewed Earth

  1. Your optimism is good. The steps that we need to take are not restricted by the available technology. We need an increase in consciousness that will help reshape our priorities. Mother Earth needs our help; we need Mother Earth to survive.

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  2. Thank you for this beautiful gratitude to Mother Earth on Earth Day. A friend works several times a year in one area of Cincinnati with a group of others to clean a specific spot of that city. It has inspired me to clean my immediate area of yard and surrounding area.

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