Health and Well-Being

I was listening to a section of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book “Becoming Supernatural” last night and noticed a section I had not heard previously. It turns out that our heart and brain have direct 2 way connections to each other. However, it’s the heart that has 90% of the “highway” which gives signals to the brain. The brain has 10% of this neural “highway” signaling back to the heart. What this indicates is that the heart has great effect on the brain. Scientists estimate that the heart has 5000 times more power than the brain to effect what we co-create.

Through his work and other scientific studies, they have found out how co-creation works. Our emotions send signals to the brain. This effects what frequencies we are emitting and what frequency matches are being attracted to us. When we feel negative emotions like fear, anger, and anxiety, we are literally drawing frequencies to us that support these feelings. When however, we get in the habit of feeling gratitude, love, joy, and satisfaction, we are drawing experiences that match our elevated emotions.

What is significant here, is that to draw healing to ourselves and others, only the emotions at the delightful, positive range of this spectrum can actually allow us to receive healing in every cell of our body. When we learn to work in the positive range of emotions, we literally can turn our genes on and off in a way that profoundly effects our health and well-being. This applies to our brain’s clarity, our heart health, our digestion….. You get the idea.

My mother lived to 103. I always believed it was because she was such a contented person. The above perspective suggests this is true. I love the idea of being happy to support my health and clarity of thought. I’ve certainly been lucky so far. In part, I have my Mother to thank for this by her example.

Hearing this section of “Becoming Supernatural”, also made me realize how stress can become addicting. I took the time to practice feeling a mantra I started saying. “I am so grateful to be happy and healthy!” It just released the stress. I could feel my heart relax. I am glad to have this additional perspective. It’s why meditation can be so important. It gives us the opportunity to relax and let go of the lower frequency emotions. It’s why deep breathing is useful too.

Let stress go. Feel the higher frequencies. Open your heart. Enjoy health and well-being.

Love and Light,


One thought on “Health and Well-Being

  1. As you stated: saying the mantra “I am grateful to be happy and healthy” is true for any day of our lives. Also, I use breathing as a quick recovery from depressing thoughts. Thank you.


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