Does God Answer Every Question with YES?

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This is a concept I first learned about through the organization “The Science of Mind.”  It’s an interesting question. “Does God answer every question with ‘Yes’?”  If it’s true, what that implies is related to the concept of co-creation.  That philosophy believes that we create what we think and then attract through our feelings. We co-create through our collective thoughts and feelings. 

If the answer is YES to all our questions, thoughts and feelings, does it explain our world? Why do we live life with so many challenges?  I can see several reasons for this.

  1.  We as humans find it very difficult to think and feel only positive emotions. We tend to worry. Therefore, we are attracting both the negative and the positive experiences into our lives.
  2. We have had many experiences in life that have made us feel unworthy.  All of us have these insecurities, some more than others. These feelings and thoughts are underlying beliefs that really can get in the way of us allowing the good to be.
  3. When we ask for something in our prayers or thoughts via emotions, sometimes it seems like the answer is NO. Here is one possible theory on why this is our perception. What if we come with birth plans that supersede our thought and feeling patterns now? This is a plan that describes what we wish to learn and how we wish to learn it.  It most certainly is about major life lessons. These are said to be lessons we have given the Universe permission to help us achieve before we transition from our bodies.  To me, when we get what seems like a NO answer to our requests, could it be because we have already agreed to a YES for these life lessons?

So what do you think? How would you answer the question, “Does God answer every question with yes?” 

I personally can see it being possible.  That idea however, makes me feel very responsible at looking at my own thoughts and feelings.  It can make me feel embarrassed when life’s challenges hit.  Have I created these events in my life? Are these challenges ones I was supposed to have from my birth plan?  The good news is, we can get better at improving our thoughts and subsequent feelings. Expecting perfection is pretty useless, but we can get better. 

There is a positive way to look at this question too.  The universe is waiting to give us a YES answer. If we have birth plans, we don’t know what is in our birth plan in the way of challenges. We don’t know how confident or brave we were when we came with our plans. We only know that this life is meant to give us challenges and opportunities to learn from.  At the same time, it gives us the ability to refine our thoughts and emotions. It gives us the hope that our lives can be as kind as possible via the understanding that the answer is YES…  Believe that all you are in need of is coming to you. The answer is YES.

Maybe a better way to approach life is to ask, “Please let me learn from my current challenges gently and easily.” YES.  “Please lift these challenges from me if they aren’t in my birth plan.”  YES.  “Please enable me to have a kind, loving, helpful effect on the world today.” YES.  “Please let me model whom I wish to be.” YES. 

I am most grateful for the YES responses in my life. I release feeling guilty for the challenges in life and embrace the opportunities to grow and learn.

Love and light,


3 thoughts on “Does God Answer Every Question with YES?

  1. When two people are asking for the same thing, and only one can get a positive response, what then? I believe that the Universe is ready to support our requests when what we are asking for is for the Universal Good, does no harm to others or to our self. I believe that karma, past lives, and current life contracts influence our outcomes. With regard to current life contracts, I believe we agree upon what lessons we will learn. Our own choices influence how those lessons occur, I believe.


  2. Interesting-the concept of co-creation-that we create what we think and attract through our feelings. Receiving 50% YES and 50% NO to my questions, I truly believe it is God who is speaking. And it works to follow the answer.

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