Exploring An Interesting Idea

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As we frequent a mode of connection with Spirit, we can receive guidance on our life’s plan. Some get this guidance through meditation. Some get it through dreams. It can come from any of our senses. These are called “clair’s”: clairvoyance (message through Vision), clairaudience (message through sound), clairgustance (message through taste), etc. It can come from conversation with Spirit through tools like muscle testing or pendulums. It can be received through a spiritual reading from another person.

I recently got a complete message via three of these tools. First, I got a message from a friend where she had seen me in a pink medieval dress with various persons in medieval garb being drawn to me in a respectful way. Then she had a 2nd vision of a dragon walking down a street in her neighborhood, also paying me deference and being harmless. We both wondered what her messages meant. I used muscle testing to ask a series of questions to figure out the main meaning of the message. Spirit in a very kind way, was saying that my first book, “The Empathic Gift” was helping others to tame their “dragon” of being Empaths. Naturally, this made me grateful. That was and is its purpose. They were encouraging me to write again through this and other messages I’d received last week. It was a need I had begun feeling. Then I wondered why we were all dressed in medieval garb. I got that answer in a dream message that night.

It was basically the following concept. When we write down anything, it becomes knowledge that can be drawn from by humans in any time frame. Just like when a new invention comes out, it often comes out by another inventor about the same time. We don’t all have the same knowledge but we have access to the same database, so to speak. That I am told is because as our Spirit Guides and Angels learn about it, they can give that knowledge to those they guide. So can our higher selves.  We don’t live our lives in consecutive order, so as we all make progress in this lifetime, it has the potential of helping throughout time.  Isn’t this an interesting concept?

I’ve read in “The Emotion Code” by Dr. Bradley Nelson, that we can provide healing through emotional release that effects our entire familial lineage. I’ve gotten the idea from the “Abraham” series by Esther and Jerry Hicks that as we grow our souls, it helps our families in the past, present, and future.

If you know how you receive Spiritual message, what do you get? Have you received anything similar in meaning? It’s an out-there idea, that is for sure. Whether you agree or disagree, I find it comforting to think that we could all be helping each other in these ways.

Love and light,


2 thoughts on “Exploring An Interesting Idea

  1. I told you when I first met you that you would be able to do many things that I was doing and more. That has happened. You are helping a lot of people in their spiritual development.

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