Pendulums for Spiritual Communication and Healing

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If you happen to live within driving distance of central Ohio, this is an invitation to join me for a hands-on workshop I will be presenting on Sunday at the Gift of Light Expo at 4:00 P.M. If you have a pendulum, bring it. Participants are also welcome to borrow a pendulum during the session as I will have plenty of extras on hand. This session is for the novice as well as the experienced user. Pendulums are wonderful spiritual tools that go far beyond answering YES and NO questions. Learn how to use them for communication, amplification, divination, discernment, clarified spiritual reception, and healing! Get a preview of my upcoming 2nd book on this topic. Expand, expand, expand… I look forward to seeing you on Sunday. Here are the details for the Expo.

Ohio Expo and Fairgrounds – Lausche Building

717 17th Avenue Columbus, Ohio 43220

Saturday & Sunday 10am to 6pm

ADMISSION: $15 one $25 weekend pass

Save time and money!  Exact Change gets you in for $13

Parking $5

Kids under 12 free


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