Earth Day 2022

Happy Earth Day! I hope it’s a beautiful one in your neck of the woods. We have so much to be grateful for from Mother Earth. We also have a huge responsibility. Major indicators of climate health are falling by the wayside. There will be a point of no return soon they tell us, if we do not get control of the planet, we are heating through our carbon emissions.  We can obviously switch to less driving, carpooling, and electric vehicles to start getting this under control. Because of strong indicators of climate change in part due to carbon emissions, they are currently suggesting we have a 10-to-30-year window to save our planet and life on earth. Possibly only ten years!!! It’s a wakeup call.

It turns out of even more concern is our atmosphere being heated by methane gas. The largest producer of methane gas is through cattle, sheep and goats. The methane gas they produce heats our atmosphere with 25 times greater potency than our carbon emissions at heating the atmosphere. Therefore, a movement has started to reduce our penchant for eating beef and lamb. If everyone one in the world that still eats meat, can reduce their consumption of beef, lamb, or goat to 1 “hamburger” patty sized portion a week, we will make a significant reduction in atmospheric heating via less of these animals being raised.  

Then there are issues like the extreme build up of plastics. Scientists have now found plastics in our bodies, it is so prevalent in the environment. The vast majority of our plastics take hundreds of years to break down. This is an extreme problem if we do not switch to biodegradable plastics or to long term products instead of one time used plastics whenever possible. Did you know that there are now biodegradable plastic trash bags and food storage bags made from corn? They can degrade after use within a few months of time. I personally can get them from my local Meijer’s grocery store. The trash bags are even cost effective and have held up well for me. Our local Trader Joe’s uses this biodegradable plastic at their check-out counters as well as paper bags. What if we each gifted these to others so they can become aware of what products are out there?

Many of you have already been conscious of these solutions and have much greater knowledge of the problems we have created for our dear Mother Earth. Spiritually minded people often see Mother Earth as a living entity working hard to keep as much life as possible on her surface. We owe our very lives to her. May we include her health in our prayers or intentions? May we do our part to care for her?

Please share your ideas of what you are doing to help her and support life on our beautiful planet in the comment section at the bottom of this page. I hope you are enjoying the fresh air today that is such a gift.

Love and light,


2 thoughts on “Earth Day 2022

  1. Happy Earth Day! The trash bags you refer to is called FULL CIRCLE! They are for a 13 gallon container and biodegradable in landfills.

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