Manifesting for the Greater Good

The tragic events in America over the last two weeks due to gun violence are a good reminder that we need to be doing so much more at using our skills as spiritual beings in manifesting the greater good.  If you have learned about manifesting for yourself, you know it involves feeling great gratitude for what you want in life as if it has already happened. It then involves taking action when you see the opportunity for same.

It’s a wonderful skill to cultivate.  One doesn’t need to feel guilty about working at this skill on a personal level. In fact, it’s absolutely necessary to work on it. That is because it’s an essential step to learn how it really does work. When you finally have the belief that it works is when you can use it for the greater good.

Perhaps you already have this knowledge. If so, what have you been thinking as the mass shootings have taken place? Have you become depressed and unable to lift yourself up? Have you been angry at our seemingly ineffective government on this topic? Has it possibly prompted you to pray for the situation? Have you been able to see it as an opportunity to manifest for the greater good? Which of these possibilities is how you wish to react?

If manifesting interests you, great! We can co-create for the greater good. As spiritual beings, we need to be doing our part. I realized after these constant events, that I was getting wallowed down by this long-term pattern. I realized I haven’t been manifesting for the greater good here. How many people are doing that? Obviously, we can do a better job.

There are so many that want this to end. If you are one of them, and have manifestation skills, you are invited to help use them for these events to become a thing of the past. Here is a possible feeling to cultivate with great gusto. The energy of it is a very important first step. Think, “I am SOOOOOO grateful that our nation’s people have learned to see each other as all a part of the one. I am SOOOOOO grateful that we can treat each other with care and respect. I am SOOOOOO grateful that disrespect is a thing of the past and that gun violence is a distant part of our history. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Then, what are the additional ways you can take action to help this be over?

To learn more about manifesting for the greater good, try:

To join intentional manifestation groups for the greater good on all topics, here is the expert on this: The Intention Experiment – Lynne McTaggart

Join groups like “Braver Angels” to start having conversations with diverse peoples to encourage respect, kindness and understanding amongst all peoples.

On the specific topic of this article, what actions can you take to assist with needed change in this arena of life? Perhaps, you will take the time to fill out surveys. Perhaps, you will write, call or arrange to meet your state and national representatives to seek change. Perhaps, you will inform yourself on the voting choices of your congressman and senators on this topic before going to the polls. Perhaps, you can get involved with your local government. Perhaps you’ll model peace in your ability to be emotionally balanced.

There are so many things we can do. What kinds of conversations are you having with your children or friends? Do they include ways we all can help? Prayer, intentions, manifestation, and kind actions are wonderful choices.  As awakened spiritual beings, let’s do our part. I personally have been bogged down in the mire, instead of doing what I need to be doing. What about you?  Comments are always encouraged and requested near the bottom of this page.

Thank you for being a caring, inclusive, involved, and responsible soul!

Love and light,


3 thoughts on “Manifesting for the Greater Good

  1. Thank you for the reminder to watch my thoughts as this event show up as I walk by the television.. and continue to ask my self what does the world I desire… look like? 🙂


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