The Fifth-Eye Applied

Our Fifth-Eye or energy center is all about knowing  “we are all one”. We and everything around us are one. In a science sense, we are all energy. Our energy is a part of everything. The more you feel this, understand this and believe this, the more sensitive you might notice yourself becoming to examples of racism, discrimination, name calling, unkind acts, or even mistreatment of Mother Earth. We are one with her too. Though all of these issues disturb me and I could write on any of them, this article is zeroing in on Mother Earth.

I have particularly been feeling guilty about my care of this last example lately. I have the need to car pool when at all possible. I have the need to be better organized and get my errands done all in the same direction at once to save gas and carbon emissions. It feels like our lifestyles will need to change dramatically to save Mother Earth and life on it.

I heard a good Ted Talks the other day. It was about using one’s super power to contribute to this. What is a super power? The speaker described it as finding what you are good at in a way that encourages others to do the same. Examples of this would be my friend who has organized her whole neighborhood to build solar panel tree structures to get off the grid. Others include teaching organic gardening, using your interest in political activities to make your voice for change effective, or writing songs about caring for Mother Earth.  I wondered what my super-power was and I had to laugh. I don’t consider this a super power but I do like to write, so I’m sharing this topic today. If you have the kindness to share it with others in writing or action, thank you!

Here are just some of the ways we can start making an impact on the amount of carbon and pollution in our environment.

  1. Go vegetarian.
  2. If you can’t go vegetarian, limit your beef, goat and lamb intake to once a week, 6 ounces or less.  (This makes a huge impact globally as these animals add so much methane to the air.) The reduction in our demand will mean the reduction in the amount of these animals being raised.
  3. The same would go for milk products. Have you tried alternative milks? Banana Milk is my new favorite because it is made from organic bananas and organic sunflowers with a little preservative. It’s even low in calories. How cool is that?
  4. Effectively driving less or car-pooling. An example would be, walking and using a set of weights at home instead of driving to a gym.
  5. Buy an electric or hybrid vehicle if able.
  6. Paying extra for alternative energies like wind power for electricity in your home.
  7. Getting solar power on one’s property. Have you heard of the new shingles that collect solar energy.
  8. Turning off lights whenever they are not really needed. Use the automatic garage door less.
  9. Keeping the amount of water, paper, plastic*, and heat we use in our homes to a minimum.  Most of us certainly can take shorter showers or shower less often as an example.
  10. Use glass storage containers.
  11. Intentionally, see how little waste you can throw out a week from all the trash cans in your home.
  12. Write the companies sending you junk mail and ask them to STOP.
  13. Use cloth napkins, bar soap on dishes by our sinks, and rags for cleaning.
  14. Stop drinking soda beverages and water in cans and plastic bottles. Way better for us. Way better for the environment.
  15. Use bio-degradable dog waste bags, storage bags and garbage bags. Otherwise, the normal ones used everywhere take several hundred years to degrade. Unbelievable…. This alone is huge for keeping plastic out of our water and in our bodies! Yes, they are finding plastic in our bodies.
  16. Use reusable bags or no bags when we purchase items.
  17. Buy what we need from 2nd hand stores as much as possible.
  18. When buying new, hunt for companies that are carbon neutral. 

Here are the top 15 fashion carbon neutral companies. 15 Best Carbon Neutral Clothing Brands You Need To Know – Panaprium

Here are some of the largest companies in the world and their target dates for becoming carbon neutral. Be aware that the latest research projects that we don’t have until 2050 to do this. We MIGHT have till 2030.

  • Google went carbon neutral in 2007.
  • Netflix had its goal set for this year!
  • Facebook. When: 2030.
  • Apple. When: 2030.
  • Amazon. When: 2040. ( I know Amazon has done a lot to get other big companies on board with this goal.)
  • Nestlé When: 2050.
  • Coca-Cola. When: 2050.

19. Recycle everything we can. Even so, make it a goal to reduce the number of items purchased that need recycling.

20. Stop having stores print out your receipts. (There is less BPA in the environment by doing this one.)

21. Taking care of what we have and making it last longer. Donating it if it’s not needed by us anymore.

22. Getting together with a group of friends and praying for pollution to be released and transformed for the good. (This type of intention has cleared entire ponds and small lakes when the numbers of people was in the 100’s.)

23. Seeing your power spiritually to lift and improve all problems in life.

24. Send out love and blessings to all of life.

Do I do all of these? Not by a long shot. I want to do more. I had to put this list together in part, to encourage myself to do better. I feel more in tune with my soul when I make choices that are good for our “Mother Earth.” I am a part of the earth. The earth is part of me. When I care for her, I care for myself, I care for my family, I care for my friends, I care for all of life. We are one. Does this resonate with you? Any thoughts or ideas you’d like to contribute? The comments section is near the bottom of this page.

Love and light,


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