This week I had an epiphany of sorts with many interesting ideas coming my way in a 24-hour period. The most significant idea was “Do you have life goals that you wish to achieve? The Universe opens to those who have direction.” I found this very interesting.

I had always had goals but never took the time to see my life as a “direction”. When I was young, it was about doing well in school and being a good daughter.

I developed a passion for genealogy since I was 12. That has been a life long accomplishment for me. I now assist others with researching and proving their ancestry through DNA.

When I became an adult, me and my husband’s purpose was about raising healthy, kind, productive children that could add good to the world. That function is over and rarely needed now. I am happy to say I can view my children from the distance of age and see that this is true. I am so grateful for their own direction and contributions.

After my function as a parent was over, I had the wondrous delight of being a grandmother. That brings purpose, responsibility and joy too.

I also needed to find a way to be self-sustaining financially to be free of being a burden as I aged. That took my life in another interesting direction and still influences my goals now.

I also opened as a Medium. What a wondrous surprise! It has been such a gift to help others in this way. It has been so faith building for me too. This last surprise, however, hasn’t been an area that has made my family necessarily comfortable. They have taken it with grace, but they’d prefer not to see me in this way. I have wrestled with: “Do I share this gift with others in a more public way? Do I teach others?”  

You might know that I’m the author of the book “The Empathic Gift” at Amazon. That took me quite a while to publish because of my hesitancy that could embarrass my family with my different perspective than them. I also currently wrestle again with it as I’m editing my 2nd book whose title will be divulged closer to publication. I would prefer to care for the comfort of my family, but is that in alignment with being the best person I can be? Is it by being private? Is it by using the gifts I’ve been given that are so integral and intimate to me?

The “Epiphany” for me was that I finally know what my choice is. I choose to be the example of someone who works to be the best she can be. I choose to be someone who has tipped the scale of life expectancy and still works to help others with the skills I have. In other words, I choose to be my true self.

I do have renewed vision. I thank my family for accepting their non-traditional mom, grandmother, sister, aunt, and cousin. Instead of one goal or one direction though, you can tell I’ve had multiple goals in my life. What about you? What makes your heart sing? Can you be true to it too?

Where can you give out comfort, excitement, healing, kindness, satisfaction, well-being, care, continuity, faith, laughter, friendship, or love?  There are so many different ways we each might be adding good to the world. This can change over time. What keeps you stretching and growing? What brings you joy? What are yours?

I thank all of you for the souls you are. We each struggle, one way or the other. The wonderful news is we each have our own gifts and opportunities to live fully and shine. How wonderful for those moments where we actually do.

Love and light,


5 thoughts on “Vision

  1. Over my mantle I have a saying…”you are never to old to set another goal or to dream a new dream”. CS Lewis. As an octogenarian, I’m trying to convince myself of this! Laughing! My life is busy and my immediate goal is to stay independent and healthy for as long as possible. To be involved with family, friends, and community and be a student of life (in a vital exchange of love and giving of myself) is important. Good luck Linda…in all that you dream and in all the goals that you set for yourself! You are a dear friend. Our faith in love and light, my personally giving time to family, friends, community, and groups that I belong to… enough for me…for now…MMM

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