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I was listening to a Tedtalks recently on Protopia. It’s a term I had never heard which was all about living in a Universe where it was essential to remain positive. It was not just essential; it was an accurate way to look at OUR world. The speaker didn’t believe in seeking a state of Utopia, but in accepting our world of great challenges as opportunity for life on earth to improve. He sighted the following examples.

  1. Life on our world improves over time. Roads, bridges, indoor plumbing, electricity, and technology might all come up as physical examples. Ideas like “Slavery is absolutely wrong” might be a better example of humankind growing its soul. In my own lifetime, the changes I’ve seen besides technology, include the younger generation sharing in the business of life with both often working outside the home, taking care of their children and their homes together. This was not the case when I was a young mother. I’ve also seen much more inclusion of all genders, races, and life styles in our society. Are all of these choices available to everyone? Does everyone think this way? No. We still see absolute challenges in these areas. However, from a big picture point of view, there is progress on all these even in just one lifetime.
  2. We also need to remain positive, because we have the raw talents of humans currently living on earth and of those who are yet to be born to help out. Our nature as human beings is to solve problems. We certainly can see them all around us. Instead of getting depressed, see all the people finding solutions for our problems. One of the lovely examples of this is a robotic boat developed in Asia which is designed to clean up the plastic and debris in our world’s waterways. It’s called a Clearbot Neo. Pollution experts have noted that most of the huge volume of plastic getting into our oceans is feeding from 10 rivers. These boat fleets in the near future will be taking on the major task of scooping debris out and recycling what can be recycled. Think about it. You in your lifetime have solved many problems that effect your own daily living. Many of you have worked to solve problems for others, for your children, your family, your community, and your world also. What bigger problem or problems do you think you could have an effect on and help improve?
  3. I’d like to add a third way where we as spiritual beings can do our part. We know that one of the laws of the Universe is the Law of Attraction. What we think and feel is what we attract. Therefore, don’t we have a duty to stay positive to attract the good for ourselves and for our world?

Now I know this is a tall order. We all tend to fall back into the human realm of worry and self-doubt some of the time. Challenges can get us down. They can also motivate us. There are great reasons to remain positive. Progress is being made. Please share any other ways you can think of that we have been growing our souls through the millennium of human lifetimes in the comment section towards the bottom of this page. Thank you for being a caring, positive person.

Love and light,


This article was inspired by Kevin Kelly, “The Future Will be Shaped by Optimists”

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