The Struggle with Emotions

We attended a funeral yesterday in which a lovely eulogy by one of my friend’s daughters, made a very gentle but deep statement. She said she could be angry with many different people for her mother’s death. Then she said she’d decided not to do that because: IT WASN’T THE PLACE WHERE LOVE RESIDED. It wasn’t where she could be at peace. That’s a bit of a wow.

At the time, I agreed with it like I’d heard it many times before. It was common sense. The trick is though, can we decide to let our anger or sadness go, and choose the higher ground? Choose love?  How much more peace we’d all have in our hearts if we can take our negative feelings, acknowledge them, and let them go.

That hit me in a new way. I need to put that on post-it notes all around my home, because that is exactly what I’d like to do. Choose love and let the feelings that do come in with our challenges in life, simply go… 

Do you think this is a wise thought that her daughter shared yesterday? How does it strike you? There are opposite trains of thought where we need to feel all our feelings and decide what they are trying to tell us. What is the balance? It’s human nature to struggle with this.

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4 thoughts on “The Struggle with Emotions

  1. With all the opinions and voices today, I choose to close myself to many of them on TV and internet as everyone wants to be a commentator and give their opinion. With your “8th eye” platform, it’s a safe place to express and comment an honest view. The woman speaking at the funeral to choose love over blame has made a wise choice for her health, her stress and spirit. It’s easy to blame and point fingers and very difficult to do the work that a person needs to do…to get to love…rather than to blame.

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  2. The courage of the daughters in their eulogies was a testimony to the impact of their mother in leading a life focused on positive values and doing what they were taught. Focusing on love is not easy to do, but it contributes to making the world a better place for everyone.

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    1. Yes, the awareness the daughter expressed is good to hear spoken, for those to hear and share that message. It is a challenge to face/acknowledge/thank our emotions and choose to work with them for the higher vibration. Love shows up in so many ways. Thank you for sharing your experience and providing a space for us to express our feelings and thoughts 🙂

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