Sacred Space

I had the honor and privilege of being with my cousin this past week when he passed. It’s such a sacred time. He literally chose to be with God within two minutes of the nursing care facility’s minister singing him songs like “Jesus Loves Me”, “In the Garden”, and “I’ll Fly Away” followed by deep conversation and a prayer. I was holding his hand as he went. His sister, after having just 2 hours sleep in the last 2 days, was on her way back. We so hoped she’d make it in time.

I believe he was so relaxed and at peace from the minister’s presence, that he couldn’t hold out longer. He chose to go so gently, so quietly… it was a beautiful moment in time that will forever bring tears to my eyes. On a spiritual level, I believe he chose that exact time, because it had significance. He died at 3:00 p.m.  Three is a joy number in a numerology sense. His higher self was telling us, he was leaving in joy.

If you ever have this same privilege, did you know that it takes the soul several minutes to leave one’s body after the heart stops? So, after others left the room, I sang him the following song over and over by Rev. Jim Hetzer: “Go with grace, go with peace, go with love and believe, you are precious in God’s eyes. He is with you all the time.” Spiritually I got this is when he chose to exit his body sometime around a dozen minutes or so after he officially passed.  It might be one reason why we instinctively know to continue to be there with our loved ones. Sometimes people see the colors of one’s soul lift from the body. Have you been able to see that?

Birth and death are such sacred times of passing. When souls are born into our world, we rejoice as others mourn the one they have lost in their lives in their plane of existence. The reverse is also true. We on the Earth plane mourn the loss of our loved ones when they leave, while loved ones in another rejoice at his/her rebirth….

“The world is a circle. It has no beginning, and it has no end.”  These are lyrics from a movie back in my day.  It describes our sacred life. Anytime we can participate in life’s precious processes and moments, how fortunate we are.

Go with grace and peace. 

Love and light,


3 thoughts on “Sacred Space

  1. That is so lovely Linda. I too have felt honored to be by someone’s side when they pass. Indeed it’s sacred space for us to bow to the place and transition. I didn’t know about the extra human- earth plane minutes before one’s soul leaves. I now understand why I sensed my Dad’s spirit before I got to the hospital where he died in recovery from surgery. Maybe your cousin was also sparing his sister by moving on before she got back. So loving & wonderful for you to be there holding his hand – you who understands and appreciates the realm he moved onto.


    1. My Mother waited for that moment when she was alone and everyone was temporarily out of the room when she passed away. I agree with you that birth and death are both sacred times in our lives.


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